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The business world is dynamic. Influenced by multiple factors, technological advancements, innovations, and market trends, change is constant. Starting a business is one thing and staying in business is another. Any change in the customer’s needs, market, or any other factor can and will affect organizations in one way or another. To be successful long term, businesses must be agile. 

What is business agility? 

Business agility refers to the capability of a business to sustain its core vision and values despite the internal and external changes in its surroundings. Being agile means that the business can adapt quickly to changes and challenges in an ever-evolving business landscape. Changes can be brought about by market needs, technological advancement, competitors, among many others. Usually, these changes are beyond our control. 

Is business agility crucial? 

It is essential. Running a business is not just about making a profit now. It is about being on top of things in the present while looking forward to the future. What possible problems do you anticipate? Will your business model and style be sustainable? How will market changes affect your operations? 

Business agility enables organizations to adapt quickly, respond intelligently, and resolve problems creatively. In this way, your business will thrive and stand out in the market. Being agile will allow you to serve your customers well and deliver consistently. 

We don’t need to look far for a good example of business agility. Take a look at your mobile phone. More often than not, your mobile phone device has touchscreen technology. When touchscreen technology first came into the mainstream through the first Apple iPad, it changed the market forever. Because of this new technology that became a hit with consumers, other tech companies had to act fast. To stay competitive, they had to adapt and add touchscreen technology to their offerings as well or risk becoming obsolete. 

What is the role of HR in business agility? 

HR teams can contribute to business agility by supporting the needs of employees. A company’s HR team can keep a close eye on employees, supporting them to make sure that they are equipped with the needed skills and abilities necessary to respond to new developments and changes. 

How are business agility and organizational agility related? 

These two terms are commonly interchangeable. They are directly related to each other. Fundamentally, organization agility will directly affect how the entire business will adapt to change. 

Overall, it is the responsibility of an organization’s leaders to see where the business is headed and how it will get there. The ability to foresee potential problems, risks, rewards, and solutions is important for a business to see things through. Thinking ahead and being proactive are what leaders have to do to ensure that their companies thrive. Business agility can mean all the difference between staying relevant or becoming obsolete.

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