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Onboard new employees without touching a
sheet of paper

Quickly and digitally collect all the paperwork you need to officially turn a candidate into an employee.


Go digital

Move off physical and manual paperwork and make it faster for a new hire to get up and running. 

  • Access digital templates of commonly used documents and forms: offer letters, W-4s, I-9s, and more
  • Have additional company documents? Upload and customize them as you need
  • Collect and store signatures electronically
  • Retain and easily access paperwork for all your employees hired to date

Automate your onboarding workflows

Easily automate onboarding flows that take into account every step that's unique to your business, the position, and the new hire.

  • Assign yourself, a lead or manager, or the new hire to complete necessary documents

  • Set up automatic notifications to new hires to start their onboarding

  • Reduce manual inputs and user error with auto-filled fields and data validation

  • Never miss a step with our platform's intuitive step-by-step guidance


Deliver a positive employee experience

Keep the momentum going! Provide consistent and open communication with your new hire.

  • Email or text your new hires to keep them up-to-date with their onboarding progress

  • Share training materials with new hires so they can get a head start before their first day


Taco Bell turned to Workstream to fill their open stores. Now, they're 100% staffed.


Workstream makes it easier for potential team and hiring managers. We have definitely received more and better applicants because of Workstream.

dusty pyne
Dusty Pyne

Chick-fil-A franchisee

quotesDale Patton    Tara Lindstrom
Jamba, Pieology, Carl's Jr. franchisee

The back and forth of setting interviews was very tedious. Now my hiring schedule organizes itself!

tara lindstrom-1
Tara Lindstrom

Jamba, Pieology, Carl's Jr. franchisee


For someone like me, at an upper level, it's great to use Workstream to navigate all of the stores, and look to see who's hiring and who's applying.

amanda ristic
Amanda Ristic

VP of operations at Om Group, Dunkin' and Baskin Robbins franchisee

Onboard new hires seamlessly.

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