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Strong communities are built by local businesses and the hourly employees who power them—and we’re on a mission to help both thrive. We’re humbled by the turnout of investors who see and believe in the future we’re creating and continually share their knowledge and expertise to help us move faster.

Our investors

founders fund
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
  • Basis Set Ventures
Eric Yuan

Founder & CEO, Zoom

Tony Xu

CEO & Co-founder, DoorDash

Frederic Kerrest

COO & Co-founder, Okta

Bernard Arnault

Chairman & CEO, LVMH

Gokul Rajaram

Product, DoorDash

Ryan Smith

CEO, Qualtrics

Kat Cole

Former COO, Focus Brands

Max Levchin

CEO, Affirm; Former CTO, PayPal


23x Grammy Award Winner

The Chainsmokers

Grammy Award Winner, 9x iHeartRadio Music Award Winner

Andre Iguodala

3x NBA Champion, 2015 Finals MVP

Joe Montana

4x Super Bowl Champion, 3x Super Bowl MVP

James Harden

10x NBA All Star, 3x Scoring Champ

Mike Volpe

Former CMO, Hubspot

Jack Altman

CEO, Lattice

Bracken Darrell

CEO, Logitech

Des Traynor

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom

Eoghan McCabe

Chairman & Co-founder, Intercom

Aneel Ranadive

Managing Partner, SOMA Capital; Ownership, The Sacramento Kings

Justin Kan

CEO, Atrium; Founder, Twitch

Dylan Field

CEO, Figma

Zach Perrett

CEO, Plaid

Mathilde Collins

CEO, Front

Lan Xuezhao

Founder & Managing Partner, Basis Set Ventures

Burst Capital

Basis Set Ventures

Charles River Ventures

GGV Capital

Anna Khan

General Partner, CRV

Brad Coffey

Former Chief Strategy Officer, HubSpot

Aziz Hashim

Founder and Managing Partner, NRD Capital

Allison Pickens

Former COO, Gainsight

David Gilbert

Former COO, National Restaurant Association

Dan Gertsacov

Former CCO, Focus Brands

Wade Foster

CEO, Zapier

Jed Nachman

COO, Yelp

Nilam Ganenthiran

President, Instacart

Jeffrey Kolovson

Co-founder & COO, Faire

Michael Stoppelman

Former SVP of Engineering, Yelp

Holly Liu

Co-founder, Kabam

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