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What is the difference between a disengaged person who only works for monetary gain and an engaged person who has a passion for the company? A lot. One will do the job but will be mediocre about it while the other is sure to go above and beyond what is expected. An engaged workforce can do wonders for a business. 

What is employee engagement? 

Many researchers and analysts have given definitions of what employee engagement is. And while these definitions may vary to some degree, they all point to their core meaning. From a general standpoint, employee engagement refers to the attachment, passion, and enthusiasm that an employee has towards their job and the organization. This overall connection may be a combination of how invested they are in their role within the company, colleagues, manager, and company culture. Employee engagement is also a workplace method that aims to inspire employees to be committed to the company’s mission, values, and goals. 

Why is employee engagement significant? 

Cultivating employee engagement is essential to the success of each business. It is not difficult to establish that engaged workers can lead to an increase in job satisfaction, work productivity, employee retention, and success. Employees who are engaged are more likely to be more optimistic and solution-oriented which are behaviors that contribute to achieving daily business goals and targets. Having engaged workers can also lead to a more positive work environment that can encourage other team members to do the same. 

Nowadays, more and more organizations are recognizing employee engagement as one of the main drivers of employee productivity and retention. Employers and other business leaders view employee engagement as a key strategy in attracting great candidates and making them stay long-term. 

What is employee engagement in Human Resources? 

We have already mentioned the significance of employee engagement in boosting work productivity. Multiple factors can affect employee engagement. Company culture, managerial styles, and leadership are some examples. While all the departments within an organization should have measures to improve employee engagement, an organization’s HR team is crucial. They have a pivotal role in developing and implementing various methods, projects, and approaches that all aim to make employees more engaged. When it comes to championing employee engagement, HR takes the lead. 

What are the key roles of HR in employee engagement? 

The HR team plays an active role in being the leaders of employee engagement. They identify the areas where employees need help and develop strategies to improve engagement tactics. The HR team also evaluates current workplace practices and how they affect engagement. If there is a need to redesign current practices, the HR team should study the impact that revisions could bring. 

To make employee engagement strategies more personal, the HR team also collaborates with department heads and middle managers to enjoin them in fostering a culture of engagement. Middle managers are significant in driving employees to succeed. Because they are the ones who work alongside employees daily, a respectful work relationship, aligned with company values, can affect the daily work life of their direct reports. Taking this into consideration, the HR team can work with middle managers in fostering a supportive and trusting work relationship. Training and coaching them on how to keep the employees engaged is beneficial. Recognizing the efforts of employees, noting their progress, offering more guidance can boost employee engagement. 

Furthermore, the HR team leads by example. They should maintain an open line of communication with the leadership team, middle managers, and all employees in general. The HR team celebrates progress and wins. More importantly, they identify and address factors that hinder employee engagement. 

Finally, the HR team is responsible for measuring employee engagement. From obtaining surveys, reviews, and check-ins, they can gain valuable insights and reactions from employees. This is essential in assessing whether to continue successful practices or to modify some according to the employees’ needs. Having the data on hand, the HR team can then go back to the drawing board and strategize as needed.

Creating a work environment culture of engaged employees is no easy feat. But by making everyone aware of its importance, making sure that all departments practice the employee engagement strategies, measuring progress, and recognizing efforts, a culture of engagement can be developed. 

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