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In today’s competitive business space, the pursuit of top talent is an ongoing process. Many organizations recognize that recruiting stellar employees entails implementing strategies day by day. No longer do companies wait for a position to be vacated before searching for potential candidates. Now, each day is an opportunity to attract talented prospects and promote an organization’s brand. Part of staying on top of talent acquisition is making sure that HR teams and recruiters are equipped with all the help they need. That is why many companies use recruiting software. 

What is “recruiting software”? 

Recruiting software refers to any system that helps organizations streamline and maximize their hiring process. Recruitment software is an umbrella term or a broad category that encompasses many recruitment solutions. From applicant tracking systems (ATS), recruitment marketing, sourcing, record keeping, these are just a few types of recruiting software. 

What are the different functions of recruiting software? 

As we have mentioned above, recruiting software is a broad term for any type of system that aims to make a company’s hiring process easier and more streamlined. Although there can are many types of recruiting software that has different uses, they revolve around one or more of the following functions: 




What are the benefits of using recruiting software? 

Recruiting software acts as an extra set of hands to assist recruiters in accomplishing all needed tasks. Many administrative steps in the hiring process can be manual and repetitive such as organizing applications, files, encoding information on a spreadsheet, composing, and sending emails. This is where recruiting software comes in. It can handle admin work and many other responsibilities in recruitment. 

Recruiting software does not make hiring decisions. It does not replace the human touch and expertise required in recruitment. However, it does streamline the hiring process and take many tasks off the to-do list of recruiters. Consequently, recruiting software saves time, effort, and resources. This way, HR teams can accomplish other responsibilities. 

Furthermore, recruiting software is also beneficial for candidates. Recruiting software can make the hiring process faster, simpler, and more efficient. Because the system can send correspondences quicker, the candidates remain engaged and up to date with what is going with their application. Gone are the days when a candidate sends an application and does not hear from the company at all. With recruiting software, candidates are not left wondering what went wrong. Recruiters can send timely updates and feedback with ease. 

What is the meaning of CRM Recruiting? 

CRM stands for Candidate Relationship Management. In the recruitment space, CRM recruiting refers to fostering and maintaining relationships with passive candidates. The primary difference between an applicant tracking system (ATS) and candidate relationship management (CRM) is their focus. An ATS focuses on the workflow and steps in streamlining the hiring process of active candidates. These are individuals who have applied for open positions. On the other hand, CRM focuses on building a pool of passive candidates or individuals who are not actively looking for new positions.

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A revolutionary hiring process for Hourly positions Hiring hourly staff in San Francisco can be a tough job. Workstream can help accelerate the process by letting you post on job boards like Indeed within seconds.

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Engage with applicants via text. Include links to screening questions, forms, and more. Use 2-way text to answer questions.

Endless Integrations

Connect Workstream to your calendar so applicants can schedule interviews. Streamline onboarding with background check & HR integrations.

Candidate Tracking & Scoring

View all your applicants and employees in one place. Make notes on their progress. Access their docs anytime from anywhere.

Customizable Templates

We provide templates for everything from job postings to offer letters. Send links to docs and tax forms via text message so new hires sign digital copies.

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