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Applicant Tracking

An easy way to view all your jobs, people, and paperwork.

"Before we had four managers on this one hiring dock and now it's only me doing this Workstream platform because it minimized the work that we have to do and made it so much more efficient. Workstream really has been a godsend for Sports Basement - so efficient, I’m glad we’ve had it."

Aaron Schweifler, Sports Basement


Streamlined Feed

All your applicants and current employees feed into the Workstream dashboard and mobile app, regardless of whether they are...

  • New applicants from job boards
  • Walk-ins/referrals applying via SMS link
  • Existing employees you upload
streamlined feed for applicant tracking

Data-Driven Analytics

Understand where your applicants are coming from and what percent are qualified. Over time you can even see retention rates by applicant source.

  • Identify opportunities to reduce spend
  • See which platforms provide long term hires
  • Track completion of training docs and videos
Tracking analytics of applicants

Workflows & Stages

Customize the workflow for each job post. You determine the stages and whether candidates can automatically move to the next stage.

  • View applications via email or mobile app
  • Review and recommend candidates
  • Add interview and training notes
Customize hiring workflows and stages

Add Video Stages

Send Intros and Training

Here’s how to add a video from Youtube. This is a great way to familiarize candidates with your company and send training materials. Add a screening quiz after the video to ensure they watched it.

Custom Stages

See Inside Workstream

Here are some short videos about how to set up workflows and stages. A Workstream expert can set this up for each of your job posts. Just tell us what you want and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Smart Screening

Identify Good Candidates

New applicants get a text message with a few questions on topics such as availability, proximity to business, and/or credentials. We auto-score these to determine if applicants are interested and qualified.