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Contactless Hiring is Here!

Meet new applicants over Zoom. Send training videos direct to their phones.

Watch Video Resumes

Through Workstream, you can ask applicants to submit a quick video introducing themselves. It's an easy way to determine who is really interested in the position, versus applicants who took the spray and pray approach looking for a temporary gig.

Contactless hiring with video resumes

Automated Scheduling

Select which applicants you want to meet with and move them to "interview stage." They instantly get a text message link to your Workstream - Google Calendar so they can schedule a Zoom. Applicants even get reminders to reduce ghosting.

Automated scheduling for job interviews

Mobile Training

Struggling to keep up with COVID-19 protocols? You aren't alone. That's why we make it easy to send training videos, slides, and quizzes. Applicants can access the materials anytime via their smartphone. 

Train employees via mobile

Video Interviews

What You Need to Know

Video calls aren't just convenient and popular. During viral pandemics, they're the safest way to conduct your interviews and training. Add video interviews into your hiring process with Workstream!

Add Video Meetings

Peek into Workstream Platform

Adding your video meeting details is as simple as it can get. Workstream allows you to automatically set it in one of your hiring stages without the need for manual edits.

Remote Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Made Easy

Onboard your employees much faster with Workstream. Say goodbye to the countless of paperwork as we shift towards onboarding digitally and remotely.