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Automated Scheduling

No more back-and-forth phone calls and emails. Ever.

“I love that applicants can schedule, reschedule and cancel their own interviews. It saves me SO MUCH TIME. Me, in my office, because Hiring has organized itself this year”

Tara Lindstrom, Pieology


Smart Screening

Ask the applicants to upload a short video introducing themselves, or use multiple choice questions and automate scoring. Only qualified applicants move forward to the interview.

smart screening for job applicants

Integrated Calendars

Set your availability in Workstream or connect your calendar. Qualified candidates get a link to your calendar, so they pick a time. No more back-and-forth calls and emails!

Integrating calendars for scheduling

SMS Reminders

Are you sick of applicants ghosting? We send text reminders before interviews. If schedules change, there’s 2-way texting to reschedule. 

Scheduling SMS reminders to job applicants

Scheduling Stage

View Inside the Dashboard

Instead of calling applicants to come in for an interview, simply set your availability in the dashboard. When you’re ready to bring them in, they get a text message link to your calendar to pick a time.

Avoid Conflicts

Integrate with Personal Calendars

We care about work-life balance. That’s why we make it easy to integrate with your Google Calendar and/or Office 365 Calendar. We make sure that you’re never double-booked.

Interview Reminders

How to See Who Confirmed

Customize text reminders to reduce ghosting by 90% - see how to zoom into your calendar to know when an applicant confirms. From here, you can find the applicant’s resume and availability.