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    Restaurant Hiring | 2 min read

    Video: Chick-fil-A Copes with Low Employment Rates

    With Utah as one of the lowest employment in the nation, it was hard to source for applicants. Yet, in just the 2 months that Chick-fil-A has been with Workstream, they have published 4 new positions and just within 7 days, they have seen 25 applicants while saving 50% of the time previously spent on hiring. Watch below to hear what Dusty Pyne (Franchise Owner of Chick-fil-A), Jason Gibbons (Talent Manager), and Rachel Hughes (HR Director) say about Workstream.


    Our founder Truett Cathy would always say that we are not in the restaurant business, we are in the people business. And so people are a really huge part of what we do. And people really do love Chick-fil-A. They love the nuggets, the sauce and all that. But the compliment we get the most is, you have great people. You can train anybody to push a button on a cash register, that’s not hard. You can’t train personality.

    Having people that we like to work with makes it a huge difference just in how we respond to people who come in and how we respond to each other as friends.  

    Back in the day, it was all paper applications. You wanted a job, you go to where you want to work, you pick up the paper and that’s how you do it. 

    Now at Workstream, it’s pretty streamlined. All the way from using an app, to screening an applicant, to paperwork where we can get it done overnight and hire an employee. And they just have to come in finish a couple of things. It doesn’t take that long at all. Not like it used to.

    The process of an application starts with an applicant sending in an application through whatever website they do, and it shows up to me through Workstream. And I check to see if that matches what we’re looking for so that I can set them up for an onsite interview which they can schedule themselves.

    My favorite part of Workstream I would have to say is the scheduling part. That makes me so happy. I don’t have to reach out and call every single person. And if they don’t answer then I’m just out of luck. I can take a look at my schedule during the day. If I have multiple interviews, it will show me. And if i don’t have anything, it just says, “relax, you’re done for the day”. And that makes me feel great.

    I’ve actually asked people how the process was leading up to the interview. They all said it was super easy. For the mobile app, I love how simple and efficient it is to have Workstream because I can just open it up and make it easy for myself and also for them. 

    Watch how Chick-fil-A make use of Workstream to its full potential!

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