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    Restaurant Hiring | 2 min read

    Video: How Tin Pot Creamery Customizes Their Hiring Stages

    Evelyn Scalora, CEO of Tin Pot Creamery and Amanda Wong, Financial Controller, talks about how their hiring process has been greatly streamlined into one platform, helping them save a large amount of time. For the past 10 months with Workstream, Tin Pot Creamery obtained 21 applicants with just a week of posting. They've seen a significant increase in applicants and have gained more oversight of their hiring process.


    Tin Pot Creamery started in 2012 and since that time, we have been using our homemade recipes to make our very delicious flavour robust ice-cream and baked treats.

    So the hiring challenges that we faced before adopting Workstream were vast. I think that as most people know, I think that if they are in service and restaurant industry, the labour market has been very tough over the last five years or so. And finding good talent is challenging.

    Before, our process was really hard to oversee, all of the managers are responsible for their individual locations. They would get paper applications. It was very hard to see if we’re getting the right paperwork, if we’re getting the right quality applicants.

    We didn’t have all the information in one place. And so with Workstream, now we have the ability to see where our candidate is in our hiring process. We have all of the documentation in one place so it’s very easy for us to review candidates and discuss them with our hiring team.

    The first feature that I love about Workstream is that we can customize the stages of our on-boarding process. We’re able to ask for T-shirt sizes, their shoe sizes - not the ordinary kinds of application questions.

    Workstream has helped us in really being able to have much greater outreach to potential candidates.

    For me, Workstream has made my job a lot easier. I don’t have to go to the store and get paperwork all day. I can easily go on my computer and see how many applicants we have. I can make sure they have all the forms like I9 and W2.

    We are able to accelerate the hiring process, which has really been key to our business as we can focus elsewhere.

    I can also see where we are getting a majority of our applicants. If there is a channel that works a lot better, we will focus our efforts on that one. 

    Workstream has meant that Tin Pot Creamery is able to hire the talent that is critical for making our business successful.

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