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“Having well-trained drivers is of great importance to us, reputation is key for our company. I needed an all-in-one solution for hiring, on-boarding, and training - that is Workstream.”

John Zinno, DeliverThat Co-Founder



Food delivery is an up-and-coming industry, with the current crisis guaranteeing strong growth throughout this year. Even before the pandemic hit, the online food delivery business was already projected to hit close to 200 billion in revenue by 2025. DeliverThat is arguably the industry leader in the growing on-demand, off-premise catering market, with dozens of national restaurant chains counting on them to safely transport their food and represent their brand with prompt and professional service. 

Since being founded in 2013 by Aaron Hoffman & John Zinno, the business grew by leaps and bounds - and so did the hiring pain points the company faced along the way. With Workstream’s help, DeliverThat was able to drastically improve their recruitment statistics, reducing time spent on hiring by as much as 200%. How did they create an effective and efficient hiring strategy?



Time-consuming Job Posting and Training Process

Aaron needed to hire more drivers at a much faster rate in order to provide quality service at all their new locations. He had manually posted on various job portals, but this turned out to be a slow and painful process. Worse still, DeliverThat could not get enough qualified applicants - less than 15% of their prospects were qualified. Upon hiring, it was also difficult for them to track the training of their drivers and make sure they represented the company and the different restaurants they serviced in the proper manner. 

deliverthat with workstream


End-to-end Automated Hiring

Workstream proved to be the applicant tracking software that DeliverThat sorely needed. It was determined that the company could utilize several of Workstream’s features to streamline their recruitment process, namely:

  • DeliverThat leveraged Workstream's customized application forms and smart screening feature to automatically filter and reject unqualified applicants.
  • In this digital age, DeliverThat modernized their onboarding training with online videos. New drivers can easily access the videos upon hire and get tested with customizable quizzes to ensure that they know 100% of the process before being allowed to officially start driving.
  • DeliverThat used easy file uploading to get successful applicants to submit key documents, such as their driver's license, for verification.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 11

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.13.27 PM_Edited-1


Faster, More Effective Recruitment

Using Workstream, DeliverThat was able to ramp up their hiring exponentially:

  • Received more than 1,400 applicants within the first month, and was able to cut half the time spent communicating and screening for drivers across 18 different locations
  • By the sixth month, they received over 8000 applications while saving 200% of the time they have spent on hiring

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10

To sum it up: DeliverThat needed a platform that could help them streamline their hiring process so that their recruitment could match the pace of their growth. With Workstream’s suite of customizable and automated features, they were able to meet the demands of their fast-paced and ever-changing industry. 

Workstream has collaborated with several other clients in the food delivery industry to create efficient solutions to their hiring issues, such as Texas ToGo and ZeroCater. Find out what you can learn from their success stories and schedule a chat with us today.