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Workstream is very much organized and really designed to fit your needs. Every information you need to know is right there and there's very minimal work that I had to put in

Priscilla Olgin, Training Specialist at MOOYAH Burgers Fries and Shakes



MOOYAH was founded in 2007, in Plano, Texas. Known for their Taste Trifecta of Burgers, Fries, and Shakes, MOOYAH emphasizes how serious they are about food by only using quality ingredients. Today, MOOYAH has successfully expanded to over 100 locations globally.

Throughout their years of operation, they included new menu items based on what their guests were looking for - which began with the birth of sweet potato fries in 2010. Each location began baking their own white and multigrain buns every day, to bring a fresh burger experience to customers. Running on a franchise model, MOOYAH stores are all locally owned and operated.

Their first international venture began in Dubai in 2013, before many other stores sprung up across the globe. The Burger Hall of Dang was created 4 years later, as they introduced exciting and delicious chef-inspired recipes, including the Double Diablo, Best Questionario, and A-Wonderful. This was quickly followed by the debut of their Lifestyle Burgers in 2019, catering Vegan, Paleo, Keto, low calorie and gluten-free options to those who adhere to stricter diets.

To lend a helping hand to the community, MOOYAH has a designated 'Dining For Dinero' program, which aims to raise money through fundraising collaborations with organizations. They have raised over $100,000 in 2019, as a result of this initiative. 



Time-Consuming Hiring Processes and Over-Reliance on Physical Documents

Manual Scheduling of Candidates

Due to their manual hiring processes, a lot of time and effort was spent on hiring efforts. Hiring managers had to oversee the scheduling of interviews, the actual interviews, and eventually onboarding. This deterred them from focusing on revenue-generating activities and taking their business to the next level. Furthermore, considering the sheer number of staff required for operations, there was a need to sieve through many candidates, which took up a greater amount of time. 

Job Postings

Job postings were mainly done through Snagajob, Indeed, or Craigslist, which were billed for actively using months. As a result, they were unable to optimize their spending on job boards, and it also took time to post these individual listings across all three platforms. 

Over-Reliance on Physical Documents 

MOOYAH's current processes involve the use of paper documents in the onboarding and application process. There were plenty of risks associated with these documents, and applicant fallouts were also high, as it was seen to be inconvenient or tedious to fill out physical forms. Therefore, their reliance on physical documents hampered their ability to maximize their candidate pool.


Watch the webinar on how MOOYAH leveraged Workstream to improve their hiring process.


Digitized Processes and Organized Hiring Tools

Today, MOOYAH is prioritizing a shift to proactive recruitment, to ensure that they will no longer lose talent to competitors. They are also hoping to reach their goal of fully staffed stores across America, for all of MOOYAH. To do so, they had to make changes to their hiring processes, with the help of Workstream. 

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Automatic Scheduling 

Through automated scheduling, hiring managers are now able to select the applicants they want to meet with and move them along the interview process efficiently. Hiring managers can also input their calendars, allowing candidates to choose their preferred time slots based on their availability. This reduces the back and forth between both parties, while also saving time for hiring managers, allowing them to focus on other more pressing tasks. 

Furthermore, they are able to conduct interviews more efficiently and save them money, considering that they are going into the holiday months and will not be able to conduct full interviews.

Candidates are also sent reminders prior to their interview dates, and given the option to reschedule their interviews should something crop up at the last minute, effectively reducing the no-show rate. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 4

In addition, hiring managers are able to immediately reply to candidates via the mobile application, reducing the lag time in replies. This allows them to retain applicants by reducing the drop-off rate, and ensure speed in capturing high-quality applicants, especially since candidates are choosing companies who can get back to them in the shortest period of time. 


Working in conjunction with automatic scheduling is the text-to-apply feature, which allows candidates to apply for a job by scanning a QR code. By making it convenient for candidates to apply, MOOYAH is able to secure a greater number of applicants.

Job Board Integrations

With a consolidated dashboard on Workstream, hiring managers can post to multiple job boards easily. Information on all applicants is also received through a single dashboard, making it easy to track application statuses and move applicants along the interview process.

Pre-screening questions can also be incorporated within these job board postings, to ensure that candidates are in-line with the requirements (i.e. having certain certifications). 

Not only does this save time in managing applicants, but MOOYAH is now able to have access to a larger pool of applicants.

Digital Onboarding

Instead of requiring candidates to fill in onboarding forms manually, the entire process is taken online. Hiring managers are able to use standard Workstream templates (W2, W4, I9, etc.) or upload their documents. Thereafter, electronic signatures can be collected and stored, and alerts will be triggered if any paperwork is incomplete. 

Applicants can submit forms and access onboarding training can be online via their smartphone. The training can be in the form of videos, slides, and quizzes, which makes it interactive and convenient for new hires, especially with COVID-19 protocols in place. SMS reminders will also be sent to guarantee completion. 


Increased Number of Applicants and Reduced Applicant Screening Time

Since the incorporation of Workstream in their new hiring process, MOOYAH has hired over 20% of its interviewees, with 3 days in between the job posting and interview date. It only took them 10 days from the setup to record their first new hire!

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