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"One of my managers told me the other day, 'With Workstream, my hiring organizes itself. It's a dream!' It was then I knew we had made the right choice in partnering with Workstream on this crucial part of our business."

Tara Lindstrom, VP of Marketing and Human Resources of Hundal Companies


Pieology (by Hundal Companies)

Pieology was created to be more than just another pizza place. It's an experience where guests create their own custom pizza with one of their six signature crusts and limitless topping combinations. It's a place for guests to be creative with their food and enjoy time together with friends and family.

Hundal Companies is a family-owned franchise company headquartered in Livermore, California. They have 3 brands - Jamba Juice, Carl's Jr., and Pieology Pizzeria - across 50 locations throughout California and Utah.

The Pieology franchises held by Hundal Companies improved their hiring practices by posting job openings efficiently and processing applications faster. What strategies did they use to achieve this?


Tara Lindstrom shares how Workstream helped her in streamlining her hiring process.


Inefficient and Tedious Recruitment

Employees are vital to Pieology because they guide customers from start to finish in crafting their perfect pizza. As such, they are the face of the brand and are a huge factor in the customer’s overall experience in their store. It takes a lot of employees to keep pizzas flowing smoothly through the line, and because of this Pieology has to hire a lot of people to make sure they are always adequately staffed.

Hiring is by far their top challenge. One of the issues they face is recruiting qualified applicants quickly before they sign on for another position elsewhere. 

Pieology's managers do all their own hiring, but they are often working the line as well, so they are unable to get back to the applicants right away. Once they do, it can be a game of phone tag - and they often have to use their personal phones to text applicants since most younger applicants do not check email anymore. 

The manual interviewing and hiring process they had was time-consuming, tedious, and not getting the desired results.


Automated Hiring Processes

To deal with Pieology’s specific pain points, we offered the following solutions:

  • Workstream eliminated the complicated process of setting up calendars and sieving through slots that are available for an interview through the use of automated scheduling. We can also be integrated with your personal calendar to make the process even easier.
  • Workstream enabled Pieology to create customized screening quizzes. This helps to automatically filter for the best applicants. With that, Pieology saved time previously spent tracking applicants and manually  noting applicant qualifications.
  • Workstream made communication between employers and applicants easier via automated text messages. It is easier for both employers and applicants to schedule, postpone, and cancel interviews. By providing such a convenient communication process, applicants are now more inclined to inform them when they can no longer make it for interviews.
  • Workstream is also integrated with over 20 job boards. This allowed them to reach out to a larger number of candidates.

pieology workstream dashboard


Increased Number of Applicants in a Shorter Time

Working with us, Hundal Companies was able to achieve the following results:

  • They managed to hire over 700 applicants in a shorter period of time, tripling their applicant pool in just 1 week.
  • They were also able to post over 40 job ads quickly using Workstream’s integration with multiple job boards.

Pieology applicants

To sum it up: Hiring can be a pain when you’re looking for competent staff across several different locations. Hundal Companies was able to drastically improve on their hiring with Workstream’s all-in-one hiring platform, making the entire process easier for both their hiring managers and prospective employees.

Pieology Workstream analytics

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