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Find Qualified Candidates

Expand your reach to get more applicants and better hires.

“Workstream really does streamline the hiring process. It makes it easier for potential team members to apply and makes life easier for the hiring managers. The system is very user friendly. We have definitely received more and better applicants because of Workstream.”

Dusty Pyne, Chick-fil-A


Text-to-Apply Posters

Print out your custom poster to display at locations. When visitors scan the QR code or text the number displayed, they get a link to all open positions.

job candidates text to apply

Job Board Integrations

No more tedious copy and pasting to multiple job boards. Post to 25,000 job boards with a single click. View all applicants in one dashboard.

publishing job posting to multiple job boards

How to Post on Indeed

A Step-by-Step Guide

Explore Indeed's various free and paid options and what you can expect from each. Workstream simplifies the process of posting to multiple job boards, including Indeed. It's a customer favorite!

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Everything You Need to Know

Get tips & tricks for writing a compelling job description. Find out where to look for applicants IRL and online. And learn how to develop your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Recruit on Facebook

Groups, Pages, Ads

Show off your company culture on social media to attract and retain talent. In this article, we breakdown various social media strategies we've learned from Workstream customers.