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Workstream ensures you’re never short-staffed. Post jobs from your phone to 20+ job boards. Applicants can quickly schedule time in your calendar via text message. Submit new hires for WOTC tax credits to save you up to $9,600 per new hire.

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What Users Are Saying

"Workstream has been a great benefit to us. It’s helped in hiring people, saving us lots of time and money, having less turnover, having more quality candidates, and it saves us from hunting down the street for employees that may or may not have lasted for us. So we’re very happy with it." 


"Workstream minimized the work we have to do to hire and onboard people. It really has been a godsend for Sports Basement. It makes me 5x as efficient."

Aaron Schweifler, Director of Operations at Sports Basement

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"Workstream cut out the tedious task of onboarding and paperwork. It saves us at least 15 hours every week. We couldn't be happier with the program."

Jason Olson, Grocery Outlet Owner

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Supporting Employees

Adapting in a Pandemic

In this article, we share how grocery owners can step on hygiene measures to protect their employees amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Streamline Hiring

Workstream Tip

Get rid of all the paper applications - it's time to embrace technology in hiring! Learn how Workstream can streamline your hiring process.

Writing a Job Post

Tips & Tricks

An interesting job posting makes a good first impression in attracting applicants. We talked to job seekers and compiled 11 tips on how you can make your job posting appeal in the eyes of applicants.

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