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Paperless Onboarding

When you're ready to hire, we take care of the rest.

“Workstream cut out the tedious task of onboarding and paperwork. It saves us at least 15 hours every week. We couldn't be happier with the program.

Jason Olson, Grocery Outlet


Hire in Seconds

When you update the applicant's stage to “Hired, they get a text message with a link to offer letters, HR docs, W-4s, and more. 

  • Use our templates or upload your docs
  • Collect and store electronic signatures 
  • Trigger alerts if paperwork is incomplete
Onboarding job applicants fast

Confirm Eligibility

Workstream integrates with background check vendors, e-signature services, and HR/payroll platforms for improved efficiency.

  • Customize requirements by role
  • Preserve important HR documents
  • Rely on us to gather withholdings info 
Onboarding steps for job candidates

Mobile Training

Send handbooks, checklists, and training videos via a text message link so employees can access them anywhere. 

  • Send to new hires & existing employees
  • Instantly review completion rates
  • SMS reminders guarantee completion
Train employees via mobile

Federal Taxes

Annual Forms for IRS

As business owners, navigating taxes is incredibly confusing. If you find yourself struggling, you aren't alone. Workstream is here to help. Here’s what you need to report and pay, along with due dates.

Orientation Checklist

Helping New Hires Succeed

Here we’ve compiled an essential guide for new employees: tips for introducing new hires to co-workers, giving workplace tours, reviewing key policies, checking equipment, and gathering feedback.

New Hire Forms

Links to IRS Docs

"Filing tax forms for my employees is so much fun" - said no one ever. Here are 8 forms every new hire should fill out. We’ve included up to date links along with explanations of why you need each form.