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Hourly Wage Index
Discover how your pay practices stack up against other regions, positions, and industries. 

Spend less time on transactional messages with automation

By automating key messages, you can save 12 days a month on average!

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automated messages template
Built for the hourly workforce

Easily set up and automate emails and text messages

With so much to do on a daily basis on top of keeping your applicants and workers engaged, it's easy to get lost in tedious admin worker. With Workstream, you can automate operational messages and get time back to have meaningful conversations.

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Email and SMS compliant

Workers can opt in and out of messages any time, and we manage that process for you. 

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Custom templates

Adjust email and text message templates to cater more to your brand and company voice.

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Reduce no-shows and encourage team members to complete next steps.

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Audit trail

Look back on email and text conversations anytime.

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Single thread

Applicants receive automated and personal messages in the same text thread.

I can't speak enough to the fact that I can message someone directly through the app with Workstream, and it comes to them as a text message. I have employees here right now that I hired literally just because of that feature.

Jason Poe
General Manager, Jimmy John's
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Mobile App

Stay up-to-date while on-the-go.

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Easily message applicants and workers from one organized tool.

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Manage team members in one centralized place.

Be smart with your hourly workforce

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