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Workstream for Manufacturing & Logistics Companies

Finding people qualified for industrial work is no easy task. Workstream’s software makes it easy to post jobs from your phone. Applicants can upload hiring docs and pics of forklift certifications via text message. 

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Details on how Workstream can help Manufacturing & Logistics Companies
  • Envoy
  • FedEx
  • Uber
  • MerecedesBenz
  • RWGarcia
  • BlueBottle-1


Integrated Job Boards


Hiring Managers


Applicants Screened


Text Messages Sent

"Before Workstream, hiring felt like an endlessly tedious process. Now posting and onboarding is now automated. It’s so much faster!"

Laurie Zelinski, VP of Supply Chain and Distribution at Lasalle Bristol

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Lasalle Bristol freight truck

“Envoy America receives 1500-3000 applications each month. Workstream’s automated messages make managing this huge volume possible. Workstream customized it all for us - the company has excellent customer service.”

Sheri Thueson, Recruiter at Envoy America

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Envoy America senior care

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