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    McDonald's vs KFC: How Do They Compare for Hourly Work?

    KFC and McDonalds are some of the largest fast food chains in the world. With their services, organization, and the food they provide, they were able to grow into fast food leaders across the globe. One of the reasons why they were able to make such a huge success is because of their employees. 

    Large organizations such as these need thousands of employees to help them operate flawlessly on daily basis and deliver what they promise to their customers. However, in this kind of business, there is a need for a variety of employees and both of these companies have a lot of full-time employees, but they also have hourly employees. 

    In this industry, it's probably more challenging to keep a stable base of hourly employees than full-time employees as they are usually students, people who want more free time, or simply have some other business on the side they are working on. So how do they do it and which ones are better at it? Today we're going to find out. 


    Bonus vouchers

    KFC offers bonuses to hourly workers as well. If an employee works hard and puts in a lot of hours, they get retail vouchers that can go up to $250 dollars for a single employee. These bonuses are paid on a quarterly basis. Instead of giving cold cash to employees as bonuses, this method gives staff members a sense of connection with the company. 

    This is how they will get things that will always associate them with working at KFC. At the same time, this option is more fun, as it makes employees get things they need rather than wasting money. 

    Free food 

    Most of the hourly workers in KFC work as cashiers, cooks, and team members. This means that they all spend most of their time in actual fast food restaurants on-site and for most of their work hours they are surrounded by the food that they provide.

    The management decided to give them free meals, which are regulated differently from country to country, and also give employees the option to take away any food that is not sold during work hours. Many employees like the fact that they can get most of their meals for free right at their job during a workday. 

    Employee discounts 

    One of the things that employees love at KFC is that all of them have discounts on all products. Depending on how long they've been working there, what position they have, and how well they performed they can get employee discounts from a minimum of 10% to 30% on all products.

    This means that hourly employees can not only eat free meals at work, but they also have the benefit of shopping at any store when they are not working at lower prices. 

    REACH educational grant program 

    The REACH Educational Grant Program isone of the greatest advantagesfor hourly workers at KFC. When an hourly employee is with the company for six months minimum they become eligible for this program, which gives them assistance with college tuitions as a grant.

    The amount is $2000–$2500 for all employees that aren't managers. Of course, the workers need to be students with appropriate proof of attending college. 


    One free meal per shift 

    Hourly employees that decide to do a full shift are eligible for 1 full meal. This meal includes a sandwich, drink, and fries. With a complete freedom of choosing what they want, except for the McCafe. This motivates employees to stay longer and get their meal for the day. 

    50% discount on two meals 

    This discount is available to all employees. Employees can get it once per day when they are buying meals for two people and it's a great way to help them save up money on food, no matter if it's their workday or not, or how much they've worked on that day.

    Higher minimal pay per hour than the rest 

    Both KFC and McDonalds are obligated to pay at least minimum wage per hour for all their employees, including hourly employees.In 2015, the company decidedto give $1 higher than the minimum wage in all countries and with this, the employees have a guaranteed higher minimal pay than anywhere else.

    Healthcare for all employees 

    All employees that work in McDonald's have the ability to get their healthcare. Hourly workers who haven't been with the company for a long time need to pay around $80 for each paycheck to get sold healthcare. These are not exactly accurate prices, as they change often, but they are usually in that area. Dental and vision programs are also an extra $10 each.

    Both KFC and McDonalds offer their own sets of employee perks and benefits and they have strong retention programs and onboarding strategies that allow them to have a stable base of hourly workers. It is really about individual preferences and which benefits a person needs more. 


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