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Deliver great customer service with a fully staffed store

Don’t leave your customers looking for help. Keep your store staffed with associates, clerks, cashiers, and more using Workstream’s automation and text-based hiring technology.

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Text hiring is the new online shopping

Despite the surge in online shopping, physical stores still play an important role in your brand’s success—as long as you’re providing customers with a great in-store experience. That means you can’t let staffing shortages affect your customer service. To keep your business running and customers happy, you need a modern and efficient way to hire hourly employees.

Why Workstream

Hire retail employees 70% faster

Workstream simplifies the hiring process by meeting applicants where they are—on their phones—and automating away tedious hiring tasks so managers can find and engage qualified applicants faster.

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Text applicants throughout the hiring process

Two-way text and automation enable you to engage applicants in real time.

  • Instantly post an open position to top job boards
  • Review and screen applications automatically
  • Schedule interviews automatically via text
  • Send offer letters and collect paperwork digitally
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Run your business on
modern tech

Workstream integrates with your HR software so you can efficiently run your people operations from one platform. Connect to tools like:

  • Job boards
  • Background check providers
  • Employment verification institutions
  • Tax credit providers
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Do more with less effort

Automate manual and repetitive tasks so you can get more time back in your day. Workstream handles the following for you automatically:

  • Interview scheduling
  • Applicant screening
  • Email and text conversation follow-ups
  • Digital onboarding paperwork

I never used to see how each of our stores were doing when it came to hiring, and that worried me because I knew some stores were struggling to find the right people. Now I can see everything. I can see all the applications we're getting. It really gives me comfort to see how each store is doing and each of the hiring managers at each store love it.

Aaron Schweifler
Chief Operating Officer at Sports Basement


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