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Workstream Blog

Hiring trends and tips - find out what's buzzing in your industry!

Streamline Your Onboarding Process - Workstream Product Updates

✍️ Assign employee onboarding tasks to roles Instead of having to make a different onboarding process for each user, now you can generalize the process and assign the I-9 to a role (eg “Have a GM fill...

Automate Your Hiring and Onboarding Process with Workstream

Workstream Referral Program & New ATS Screening Updates

🎯 Add knock out questions in any Form stage Workstream can help you automatically screen out candidates based on their responses. Now, you can add the knock out "Smart screening" question to any Form...

Workstream October Product Updates: New Background Task Manager

Background Tasks to Help you Manage More Applicants with Ease 🤖 At Workstream, we know that to hire quickly, you work with many applicants at once. For example, you can move multiple applicants to an...

New W4 Form & WOTC Screening Features - Product Updates

At Workstream, we value your feedback and constantly strive to build a hiring platform that's specially tailored to your needs. With that, we're excited to announce our new product updates!

New Features: Video Interviews, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our clients who are the backbone of our economy – stay strong! In the meantime, our product team and engineers have continued to do what we do best: listen to...

New Features: Personal Dashboard, New Job Board & Improved SMS

At Workstream, we strive to look out for our clients' business needs and build a product that is dedicated specifically to solve each pain point.

New Features: Job Posting, Text-to-Apply & Quiz Reminders

Here at Workstream, we constantly do our best to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to understand their pain points, and then we build products to solve them.