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Save Time With Workstream's New Features

  • By: Robert Attorri
  • On Aug 5, 2021 8:06:22 PM
9 min read

Save Time With Workstream's New Features

State tax withholding forms for employee onboarding When new employees begin work, they have to fill out Form W-4 for federal tax withholding, but many states also have a tax withholding form as well....

Experience Workstream's New Onboarding Module

⭐ New to Employee Onboarding Product We shipped a few major updates to the Employee Onboarding product, based on feedback from our clients, including:

Organize and Screen Applicants Better - Workstream Product Update

💭✏️ Organize Applicants with Tags You can now tag applicants such as "Night shift", "Has permit", "On time" to organize your applicants, and share these notes with other managers. Our filters also al...

Job Description & Job Title Best Practices - Workstream Product Update

Best practices for job title and descriptions 💯 To help ensure your job reaches the most number of applicants and get visibility on job boards, our team will do the hard work and review your job desc...

How to Gain Access and Post to 20,000 Job Sites With One-Click

Post to over 20,000 job boards with our new partner JobTarget ✍️ Find applicants from the most relevant sources using keyword search for job boards, and choose from 20,000 job boards powered by our pa...

Product Updates: New Integration, Remote Onboarding, Trackable Posts

We heard you - and our team of developers and engineers have been hard at work implementing exciting changes to the Workstream end-to-end hiring platform. Based on your recruiting challenges and feedb...