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    Restaurant Hiring | 3 min read

    Video: Jack in the Box Adds SMS and Screening Questions

     Philip Hsia, franchise owner of Jack in the Box, chats with CEO and Co-Founder of Workstream, Desmond Lim, about the challenges he faced in the hiring space as well as his top 3 favorite features of Workstream. Jack In The Box has been with Workstream for the past 4 months, and have posted 4 job posting since. They on-boarded Workstream for the two main values that were being offered, posting quality job posts and getting in candidates.


    My name is Philip Hsia (P) and my parents got into franchising Jack in the boxes in 1989 when they immigrated from Taipei, Taiwan. And they were looking for a better opportunity for our family. We have 7 locations, and we’ve been running the Jack in the boxes for about 30 years.

    In our industry, the turnover rate is 100%. So every year, we have a whole new crew. And so that was one of the biggest challenges I had to face. The problem that I encounter when I first joined my parents was hiring and bringing new people and new talent to our organization. The method that they were using was paper applications and referrals.

    Desmond Lim (D), Co-Founder of Workstream: I met Phillip who runs Jack In A Box about one year ago. He had a strong need for hiring. It was very challenging for him to hire hourly workers. He has 7 stores across Silicon Valley and our team is based right here too. Since we’ve been able to connect, we’ve been able to help him overcome his challenge for hiring hourly workers.

    P: Workstream has helped us in three different ways. One is the diversity of applicants. So we used to get paper only. Now applicants can text and submit online via phone. We’re actually getting a bunch of applicants we’ve never had before. The second is that they are an automation software.

    When I worked with Workstream to set it up, I had all the questions that I wanted to screen for applicants, and they would automatically put it in to their system. Every time a new applicant comes in, they get filtered through these questions before they reached our district manager. This saves our district managers a lot of time because the applicants that they see have already been pre-screened and filtered.

    The third thing which I found was actually my favorite, is working with the Customer Success Team. It actually releases a lot of time and stress from me. With the Customer Success, they are actually building the whole platform for us step-by-step. When we work together, I’m just basically there watching it all happen. From there, we need to just screen, interview and hire them.

    D: Over the past one year of working with Phillip and with Jack In A Box, it’s been a great joy to learn from them more about hiring too. They’ve been very forward thinking. And I hope to have the chance to work more with brands and these businesses similar to them. To be able to help them hire even better.

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