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    Evelyn Scalora |Tin Pot Creamery's CEO Take on Hiring Hourly Workers

    When we signed up Tin Pot Creamery with Workstream, we were beyond excited to be a part of such an innovative ice cream producer. We knew that we had to ask CEO Evelyn Scalora to share her advice and experience in the food industry's hiring practices.

    Tin Pot Creamery started as an ice cream of the month club in 2012. After about a year of delivering ice cream to customers in the Bay Area, Tin Pot opened its first brick and mortar store in Palo Alto. The team at Tin Pot Creamery hand-makes ice creams, toppings, sauces, mix-ins and baked goods every day. The menu changes seasonally and there is a strong emphasis on organic and local ingredients. Tin Pot has several scoop shops in the Bay Area.

    Tin Pot's innovative take on classic flavors as well as our creative new ones, mix-ins made in our own bakery, organic dairy, and the finest locally sourced ingredients including: TCHO chocolate, fruit from Oya Organic Farm, O Olive Oil, Mighty Leaf Tea, and honey from Bay Area Bee Company make Tin Pot truly special.

    Evelyn spent 7.5 years at Jamba Juice, launching the brand in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. She tells me that she has always held the belief that people should have access to real, whole foods. On top of that, they should taste amazing and provide nourishment to the body because that is one the great joys of life. She has spent an entire career in the natural food and health and wellness industries, driven by a passion to create brands that improve lives as well as make people happy.

    Q: What have your experiences been with hiring hourly workers?

    Evelyn: Up until recently the hiring of hourly workers has been rather laborious and often chaotic. While there are so many new candidate/job posting search engines there have been few solutions to manage candidates through the hiring process once they submit a job application.

    With the hourly jobless rate at an all time low it has been critical to find ways to speed up the application process and automate candidate engagement flow using current media in order to prevent the loss of a candidate to another potential opportunity.

    Q: What has worked most for you when hiring hourly workers?

    Evelyn: It's important to consider the hiring experience from your target candidate's perspective. In the food service industry turnover tends be high, retention low and there is low investment in the employer brand.

    Being able to engage with candidates to explain to them how working for your brand can help them achieve their goals is impactful. Often social media is key in a meaningful in telling your brand story as well as having venues such as hiring events to be able to connect with candidates. 

    Q: Where are your go to channels for sourcing and hiring? 

    Evelyn: We leverage job boards as much as possible because of the ease and flexibility they provide in reaching candidates. It always important to make the job board used is relevant to the target candidate and that traffic and impression are as high as possible on the platform. Social networking and referrals are also key in our processing for finding qualified candidates. 

    Q: What innovative recruiting technologies or methods have you seen recently? 

    Evelyn: Many in the food industry have used "open houses" with product tasting as an enticement for candidates to engage in their brand. For Tin Pot Creamery this has worked well as everyone loves delicious ice cream.

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