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    How to Out-Hire the Gig Economy

    Hiring hourly employees has become harder with the rise of the gig economy. More and more, people are choosing to work independently instead of the traditional jobs they would find downtown at their local restaurant. But if you are like most managers and franchise owners, you are not ready to give up. If you’re looking to catch the attention of—and hire—those flocking to gig jobs, you need to understand why gig work is so appealing and how to counter the appeal of the lifestyle.

    What is the Gig Economy?

    The gig economy is defined as the labor market where freelancers provide work for companies or individuals on a short-term or project basis. (Think DoorDash drivers, house cleaners, pet walkers, etc.) With today’s technology, it has become easier for employers and freelancers to connect. In fact, the ease is making the gig economy boom. It’s projected to gross $401.4 billion in 2022, according to a recent Mastercard report. 

    Why are People Choosing Gig Work?

    The shift to the gig economy is a reflection of how people view work today. People are making the leap into the gig economy because they see that it provides them more flexibility and options with how work manifests in their everyday lives.  

    People want more work/life balance. With gig work, people can decide when they work. They can work day or night—and easily work around their personal schedules, making it easy for them to spend time with friends, attend a child’s school function, care for a parent, etc. The self-assigned and flexible scheduling makes way for life’s priorities. 

    When it comes to work, people also want more control over what they do and how they do it. The gig economy allows them to choose whether they wish to take on a particular task or not and with whom. As an independent, they also have the freedom to accomplish the task as they see fit. They get paid to complete a task—without having someone tell them how it should be done.

    Lastly, people gravitate toward gig work for personal fulfillment. That’s because people often have a greater sense of satisfaction when they’re able to complete something (a project, a task, etc.) when it’s done on their terms. Additionally, the gig space gives people control of their workload. They can choose how many jobs to do—which also gives them direct control over how much they make.

    How Can You Get Gig Workers Interested in Your Jobs?

    You might be thinking you’re facing an uphill battle. It might feel near impossible to compete with the advantages of gig work. But we’ve got you covered. Here are six things you can do to attract (and retain) employees who are in—or eyeing up—the gig economy.

    Invest in (and Preserve) Your Company Culture

    Nothing’s better for drawing in applicants than having a reputation as a great place to work. Be intentional about creating a respectful, inclusive, and fun work environment. As a leader, you’re responsible for setting the energy for your team, and implementing and upholding shared values, keeping employees safe, and fostering empathy

    Use the Latest Technology 

    People want to work with the latest and greatest technology—especially the modern workforce. When it comes to work, they want technology that will save them time and make them more efficient. And, this is true for an employee even as early into the employee journey as applying for a job. Make hiring easier by integrating text-to-apply and self-scheduling options.

    Move Fast

    Today’s workforce is accustomed to on-demand service. They want seamless experiences and quick results. Provide them with benefits that address their needs—like flexible pay options so they can get paid at the end of every week or every shift. 

    Offer Flexible Schedules

    Offering flexible schedules is one great way to compete with the gig economy for employees. People have busy lives and want more work/life balance. When you advertise your job opening or sit down to interview a candidate, let them know you offer the option of full-time work, part-time work, or rotating shifts. 

    Include Personal Fulfillment

    Be sure to let current and potential employees know your mission statement and the real why behind your company. Let the employee know they are an important part of the solution, and not just a warm body doing a job. Show you support their contributions and give them autonomy (whenever possible) to determine how they do their work. Be open to new ways of getting work done—and you’ll better position yourself to build trust and improve processes and procedures, which helps with the bottom line.

    Provide More Stability

    A drawback to gig work is how volatile it can be for some. You can, and should, communicate the stability you can offer. Employees who have strict income needs will appreciate knowing you can guarantee them a certain amount of hours every week, and then follow through.

    Final Thoughts

    Not every person will give up the gig economy lifestyle. But learning why people choose to go that way vs. the traditional route better helps you attract and retain the staff you want in the current labor market.

    Want an extra advantage to recruiting hourly employees? Contact one of our Hiring Specialists to learn more.

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