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    Home Depot's Amazing Benefit Packages for Hourly Workers in the US

    Home Depot is known as the number one home improvement retailer in the US and hires over 300,000 employees in the country. They hire 70,000 new employees every year and there's always room for more individuals who are looking for a decent job with opportunities. Well, Home Depot is the right place because there's plenty of opportunities here for all those who want to work. 

    The main idea of Home Depot is hiring employees that will share their passion for helping their customers in any way they can. When it comes to hourly workers, aside from excellent training that Home Depot provides, they also include great benefit packages for their workers to count on. 

    There's one thing that all those who are looking for a job need to keep in mind when it comes to Home Depot – you can start from the bottom but where your path will lead you is entirely up to you. The truth is, Home Depot is always looking to hire new employees. According to those who already work there, the best thing is their benefits packages. 

    Hourly employees can choose from an array of benefit packages. The most common packages include sick and free days, stock options, dental and medical but there's a lot more to it. We're going to go through their amazing packages for hourly workers and show what new employees can expect from getting hired at Home Depot. 

    One thing is certain, Home Depot does everything within its power to keep its workers satisfied and from the bottom up.

    8 Facts About Home Depot 

    At America's number one home improvement retailer, everything revolves around taking care of its associates just as they take care of the customers. So, basically, that means that there are plenty of positive sides to working at Home Depot. Here are eight good things to keep an eye on: 

    1. All employees get proper training that will help them develop not only product and business knowledge, but grow their leadership skills as well.
    2. Home Depot offers various discounts to their associates to help them save money.
    3. Big chances of moving forward from hourly associates to leadership positions.
    4. Opportunity to get a full-time job with a decent monthly salary, including benefit packages.
    5. More working hours mean more vacation and free days, including sick days.
    6. Special benefits for active duty and veteran associates due to their special support programs.
    7. At Home Depot, higher education is greatly valued. All associates, whether they are salaried, full-time or part-time, can count on tuition reimbursement.
    8. In case of an emergency, family illness or disasters, Home Depot offers additional emergency financial assistance to all associates. 

    Home Depot is a company that cares greatly for its customers and associates. Their business policy states that their main goals are caring for their associates, providing excellent customer service to build strong relationships based on respect and developing entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging their associates to do the right thing. 

    Everyone can benefit from working at Home Depot, including hourly employees. 

    Benefit Packages for Hourly Workers 

    There are five main benefit packages that hourly workers can count on: 

    • Dental Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Medical Coverage
    • Short-term Disability Insurance
    • Vision Coverage 

    Hourly employees can count on their payouts to range from $200 to $1000 but they can also count on their company investing in their further personal and professional development. The range of benefits depends on the length of the person's service. On top of all that, thanks to the latest tax benefits, they're now giving their hourly workers a one-time bonus of $1000 with the opportunity to raise pay on the go. 

    The hourly employees who need some time off can also count on some benefits such as vacation, holidays, sick and personal days, all sorts of leave of absence, jury duty and bereavement days. Since Home Depot is really big on caring for their associates, it has carefully tailored its programs and plans to meet the family and individual needs of their employees. 

    With that in mind, by providing these benefits to their hourly workers, Home Depot encourages their associates to adapt and adopt creative ideas from other workers. They help them to learn on the finest examples and come up with their own innovative ways of handling problems.

    Associates Are the Key to Success 

    By showing a true initiative to improve their personal and professional skills, Home Depot employees give the customers the treatment they deserve. It's safe to say that the company's biggest benefit is exactly in that good intention to help their associates become responsible specialists and professionals by teaching them integrity, honesty, and how to build trust. 

    Home Depot strongly believes that its associates are the key to ultimate success. The company values their contribution to the cause and provides them with equal access to development and growth opportunities. Not many companies treat their employees in such a way. 

    Orange Is a Way of Life 

    Since their associates are so important to them, especially hourly employees, Home Depot is prepared to invest resources, energy, talent, and time in personally and professionally developing its workers. Just like it's prepared to respond to the various needs of its customers, the company responds to the needs of its associates with the same passion. 

    Home Depot builds a strong relationship with its employees by offering them numerous rewards for their contribution. Mutual inclusion and respect are the foundation upon which Home Depot builds its diverse community that serves its customers with the utmost professionalism and pleasure. 

    At Home Depot, the US hourly employees can expect excellent working conditions and terms, in an environment that will inspire them to develop in ways they only hoped for. 

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