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    Indeed + Workstream: How to Leverage One of the World's Best Job Boards

    If there’s one job board out there that you should make the most out of, it’s Indeed. Not convinced? Let’s run through some facts. is one of the most frequently used job boards in the world with 250 million visitors each month. It is active in 60 countries, with 10 jobs being posted every second

    However, even with those numbers to attest to Indeed’s stellar performance, we have to admit that no job board is perfect. Having spoken to many of our clients, we can say for sure that there are definitely some issues that users face. For instance, despite being able to cast a wide net to reach out to a large number of people, some have given feedback that many applicants end up not showing up for scheduled interviews. Either that, or they end up being unqualified - a sign that the screening system still needs to be improved. 

    That being said, Indeed is still a great hiring tool to use. But how can you make the most of the platform and maximize its already amazing functions? Use it alongside Workstream! Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should.

    You Can Reach Out to Even More People

    If you are an Indeed user, fret not. Workstream is integrated with the job board so you don’t have to give that up. Workstream is not just integrated with Indeed, but also with 23 other job boards. Most of them even allow you to post for free! Having access to a wide range of job boards can definitely help you reach out to an even larger number of potential candidates. Envoy America managed to hire and onboard 980 candidates within a year after working with Workstream. 

    Prior to using Workstream, many of our clients have said that the most time-consuming part of the hiring process is the job posting stage. They would spend hours posting across all platforms and keying in information into disorganized spreadsheets in an attempt to keep track of the applicants. With Workstream’s job board integrations, all you need to do is upload a single job posting and it will be posted to all free platforms automatically. Days where you’ll spend hours manually copy-pasting a single posting to all platforms, and manually keeping track of them in Excel sheets, will soon be a thing of the past.

    Automated Filtering For Better Candidates

    With Workstream, you can include screening questions in your very own customized hiring process to help filter out bad candidates. Need a candidate to always be on time? Set screening questions to filter out prospects that live too far away. Have a job that requires attendance on certain days of the week? Ask about candidates’ availability, and weed out those who have conflicting schedules. The right screening questions can help you weed out those who don’t make the cut even before they reach the interview stage, saving you time and effort.

    Automated Reminders to Reduce No-shows

    Now that you know you have filtered for the best of the best, how can you ensure that your qualified applicants will show up for interviews? Workstream has the ability to send out automated text messages for various functions, such as to remind candidates that they have an interview coming up. Trust Security & Fire Watch used our automated reminder feature to reduce their no-show rates by 44%.

    Summing Up

    Indeed is definitely an effective and convenient job portal. Its ability to reach so many people, its global presence, and the ability to post new jobs so quickly make it one of the most popular job boards in the world. Worksteam’s end-to-end hiring platform builds on Indeed’s best features to further improve and streamline your hiring process. Schedule a chat with us today!

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    Nigel Seah

    Nigel is not just a marketer at Workstream, he is also a graduate of Psychology and Marketing of Singapore Management University. He has multiple experiences in various areas of marketing - advertising, email marketing, and content writing. Fun fact, prior to joining Workstream, he took a semester off school to intern at SAP in Brazil.

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