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    Restaurants | 2 min read

    Video: How Pieology Uses Workstream to Filter Applicants

    Tara Lindstrom and Jason Lindstrom, Pieology franchise owners, shared how Workstream managed to streamline their hiring process. This in turn helped their general managers save a ton of time, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Watch below to see how Workstream played a part and helped them achieve the hiring process of their dreams. 


    Pieology is more than just a pizza place, you can choose from more than six different crusts, toppings, be creative and come together with family and friends. Employees are just the key to Pieology because they are the face of the brand. They take people down the line and help them with their creative experience. And because of that, we are hiring people all the time.

    By far hiring is our top challenge in the restaurant industry. Not only getting qualified applicants but getting back to them in a timely manner before they accept a job somewhere else. The managers work the line during lunch and dinner. And so by the time they call them back, they might have taken another position. And even if they do get in touch with them, finding a time for them to come in, the back and forth of setting the interview, our process was very tedious and antiquated. So we’re always looking for ways to improve our process for the managers.

    The general managers in our restaurant, they have a lot of operational responsibility every day. And with Workstream, we’ve really been able to take their focus and energy off of the hiring process and really streamline it so that they’re able to focus on the operational part of the business.

    When we’re putting out job postings, we put on multiple job boards. Workstream is able to filter those applicants and filter them down into one place and one calendar that our general managers can then manage from there.

    Bringing Workstream this year is a great decision. It really helped ease some of the frustration that our general managers had through the hiring process last year.

    We started Workstream last year at our Pieology stores as a test and we’re excited to roll it out to all the other brands that we own as well.

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    Desirene Neo

    Desirene is a marketer and content-writer of Workstream. She has been with the Workstream team for over a year and is based in Singapore.

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