Webinar: How Employers Can Get More Tax Credits via New WOTC Legislation

Wednesday, June 10th at 11:00AM PST

Join the webinar if you want to know:

How do companies claim an avg. of $7,400 in credits for every 10 hires? 
Why is the government paying me to hire someone who was on unemployment?
How do I know if someone is on food stamps, so I can claim $2,000 - $9,000 in credits?
What types of hires qualify for the max $9,600 in tax credits?
Why did the IRS change the 28-day filing window?

Hosted by Workstream's Lydia Hall

June 10th-WOTC v3

How To Claim Up To $9,600 In Tax Credits For Every Hire

Hosted by Workstream's Lydia Hall

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit that aims to encourage employers to hire specific people who have a harder time finding work. This includes people who are unemployed, food stamp recipients, and veterans - to name a few. Employers can claim up to $9,600 in tax credits for each hire who qualifies. 

We'll take you on a deep-dive into the process of identifying people who qualify as soon as they apply, how to claim the benefits, and how the tax law has changed in 2020.

The webinar is hosted by Lydia Hall, who is Head of Growth at Workstream. Before working in tech, Lydia was in corporate law; she is a graduate of UPenn Law School and Wharton. 

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