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Apollo Joulios

Director of Operations at Wowza World Concepts, a Jamba franchisee

kayla ladd


Kayla Ladd

HR Manager at Wowza World Concepts, a Jamba franchisee

Giving your employees visibility into your company’s goals and overall health is a powerful way to unite and build strong teams.  Being transparent from the top down on financials, timelines and expectations, however, can be daunting. What do you share? How do you share it? How will it really help you grow?   

Join Director of Operations Apollo Joulios and HR Manager Kayla Ladd from Wowza World Concepts, a Jamba franchisee, as they share how they created a culture of operational transparency that produces invested employees, fosters upward mobility and unlocks growth. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on:

  • How to structure and streamline transparency across all locations
  • What critical information you need to share with your teams (and when) 
  • How to empower employees—through operational transparency—to solve meaningful problems (and grow their careers)

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