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Alex Rinna

Rinna Restaurant Group, Popeye's franchisee

Co-Owner/Operator of 13 Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant. In charge of all local store marketing, advertisement, and guest engagement.


One of the primary benefits of becoming a franchisee is operating under a big, recognizable brand. But that same aircover can also block people’s perception and prevent them from seeing you as the local business you are. So, how do you make the most of your brand name and build a home-grown reputation within your community?

Join Alex Rinna of Rinna Restaurant Group, a franchisee of 16 Popeye’s in the south east, as she shares her tried and true methods for building a strong local engagement (and marketing) strategy. You’ll walk away with actionable insights on:

  • How to determine which local activities you should get involved in
  • Creative ways to stretch your dollars
  • How to measure the impact of your community programs

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