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    Workstream | 2 min read

    3 Reasons to Use Texting to Recruit the Best Hourly Workers for Your Team

    It has become pretty apparent that using texting as the main form of communication between employers and applicants is the optimal, but not everyone on the hiring side of the spectrum has taken initiative to utilize texting for their hiring process. So I wanted to break down the advantages and reasons of advancing from email to text during recruitment. 

    We have really come a long way. Evolving from Morse code to payphones to landlines, to now having personal mobile devices, all for improving communication. Throughout the development of technology, one constant trend is the fact that everyone has become more and more reliant on their cellphones. This might have something to do with all the new features and capabilities equipped with phones today, or it could be because our cellphones are the gateways to the rest of the world. Regardless of the journey, one undeniable fact is that since the phone and internet became a single device… cellphones can now be considered an item of clothing, because people do not leave their homes without it. 

    Therefore, it is evident that using texting to recruit outweighs traditional communications methods. 

    First, texting can be considered the most direct way of communicating. 

    One major evidence being that push notifications are on by default for texts. Unlike other notifications from Facebook, Instagram, and emails, that require physically setting notifications, when you receive a text message, you will be notified. Making it the most effective way of getting in contact with someone. Communicating via text can also achieve filtering out the applicants that are serious from those who are not. Even the most responsible ones sometimes don't get a chance to check their emails, but if you are reached by text, those who have prioritized getting the job, will make a point to respond promptly. 

    Unlike the rest of the noise that come with being connected to the world, employment opportunities are of relative importance to anyone that has intentions of being a contributing member of society. Making it a matter of importance deserving of being able to directly contact the individuals seeking those opportunities.

    Second, people do not like to take phone calls or check email often.

    Sending a text is not as direct of an approach than a phone call, and not as passive as an email. It's the perfect in between way to stay in contact with someone. Phone calls may feel invasive, unless there is a mutual understanding of the urgency of the matter, while emails and snail mail are easily overlooked. 

    Texting allows that layer of personal space by giving the recipient room to respond when they find a free time, without undermining the importance of the message. Most people, millennials especially, prefer this method of communication for anything of relative importance, making directly messaging an individual the best way to get them through the hiring process.

    Third, texting is the most personal, making it the easiest way to communicate.

    Texting is especially effective and efficient is simply because getting someone's cell phone number can be considered a relatively personal piece of information. In comparison to all other forms of contact information to give out, giving your cell number to someone can be considered your most personal piece of information. Because it's basically giving them to way to reach you at any point in time. 

    If you are looking at from an employer perspective, the time and effort put forth in trying to see if the applicant is a good fit for the team, is essential to building great teams and the progression of that company. Employers deserve to utilize the most evidently effective way of interacting with opportunity seekers. Texting and having that bridge of direct communication with individuals for professional reasons is one of the main underlying purposes of advancing technology. For all these reasons, communicating via text with applicants should be the new standard for all recruitment tools. 

    Not to abuse this power and invading personal space, but when it comes to matters relating to employment opportunities, it is now a common belief that texting should be the preferred method of recruitment communication, for all the above reasons. Workstream is a software built to hire hourly workers using texting and automation, making the recruiting process as easy and efficient as possible. 

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