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    Company Updates | 2 min read

    40 Under 40: Workstream's CEO Desmond Lim Selected As 2020 Honoree

    Workstream is proud to announce that our  co-founder and CEO, Desmond Lim, has been selected as an honoree for the 2020 Silicon Valley Business Journal's 40 under 40 honorees. 

    This article was originally published on Silicon Valley Business Journal, and is adapted from an interview by Lynn Peithman Stock, Deputy Managing Editor of Silicon Valley Business Journal.

    Desmond Lim

    CEO and co-Founder, Workstream, Palo Alto




    • Master's, public policy and business, Harvard University
    • MIT, Media Lab


    • Starting up my first business while in college - a restaurant, to pay for my tuition fees.
    • Being the first in my family to go to college and attending MIT and Harvard.
    • Starting up Workstream with my co-founders and teammates to help local businesses.

    How do you deal with stress?

    I started going for short walks throughout the day. I take an average of four to five short walks (5 to 10 minutes) throughout the day either while on calls or just taking short break. It also helps me to get time away from the computer screen so I can come back refreshed.

    Home office

    I have a simple set up with an adjustable standing desk, laptop, Airpods and two large water bottles.

    Best part of your job

    To empower local businesses to hire better and help hourly workers. Both my parents are hourly workers and I used to run my own restaurant. I am glad to be able to give back and create impact, especially in current times when they need our help the most.

    Most challenging obstacle

    While serving as an Infantry officer in the Singapore Army, I went for 10 days without food while having to navigate out from the jungles of Brunei as part of a simulation of a plane crash. I lost 15 pounds after the ordeal, but learned so much about the human spirit, persistence and hard work.

    Favorite exercise

    Running and stretching, lots of it.

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