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    Workstream | 1 min read

    How to Prepare for a Hiring Freeze

    With the declaration of a state of national emergency in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic, many business owners feel the need to freeze their hiring. As a Workstream client, we’re here to assist you in making this process as smooth as possible.

    There are a few important things that you need to do on your Workstream account to get ready for a hiring freeze.

    Unpublish your positions from job boards

    Your posts will stay active on the job boards until you unpublish them. Please note that only admins have the ability to do this task.

    Reach out to your applicants

    Keeping the lines of communication open during this time is important. You can send a message to all applicants to let them know about the freeze. Please use the template below.

    Hiring Freeze Sample Template

    Hi , Thank you for applying to the role. At this time, we have decided to put a freeze on all hiring until further notice. We will reach out to you in the near future when we are ready to hire again. Thank you and let us know if you have any questions.  

    Respond to messages

    Applicants will be sending you emails and text messages inside of the Workstream dashboard. Make sure you log in daily to respond to your applicants.

    Workstream from a browser

    Learn more about our Workstream App

    Final Thoughts

    Luckily, your hiring freeze will not last forever. When you are ready to hire again, you will easily be able to publish your positions and send a bulk message to all your potential applicants.

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