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    11 Tips for Writing a Job Post that Grabs Attention

    The fast food industry currently experiences a churn rate of about 130% to 150%. When hiring a replacement, companies need to incur new costs of hiring, on-boarding, lower productivity and errors committed by new employees due to lack of familiarity. On average, the loss of an hourly worker can cost you up to $4,969. The aggregated expense incurred from turnover rates is huge. 

    Bearing that in mind, it is essential that companies attract the right candidates who will not abruptly leave your company. A clearly written and well thought out job posting can help you do it. Here is a list of things you need to include in your job posting to attract the right talent.

    Write a compelling introduction

    Having a good job title does not end there, you will need a compelling introduction as well. It is important to address readers of the job ad directly. Common introductions largely start with sharing about the role or the ideal requirements of the candidate. 

    The best introductions are two to three sentences long and is concise and appeals directly to the audience. If there is something unique that you are offering, you can include it here.

    A quick tip would be to start your introduction with an engaging question. If you plan on providing competitive monetary compensation, you can start with “Would you like to earn an hourly wage that is above the average?”. If you want to show appeal to those that are urgently seeking for a job, you can start with “Tired of waiting for a reply on your job application? We will contact you immediately upon reviewing”.

    One sentence in your introduction can introduce readers to your company and job role. Avoid terms such as “help us”, “work for us” etc. This puts a hierarchical gap between prospective job candidates and the company. Opt for positive terms like “become a part of our team of professional” or “collaborate with accomplished experts in the field and make a difference”.

    Tell job seekers who you are

    Your job posting should also contain a short paragraph about your company. This isn’t the standard “about us” that you put on your website, but rather, one that is specially tailored for a job posting. Hourly workers are not interested in when your company was founded, or how many clients you have. Choose only the ones that are useful and related to the job position that you are hiring. For instance, other than pointing out what your business does in general, you could share on your team culture and how your employees have grown and benefited from it.

    Here are some questions that can aid you in crafting a simple paragraph to tell job seeker who you are:

    • What products do you sell / what type of services do you provide?
    • Why are you looking for hourly employees?
    • What are your niche areas?
    • What makes your company stand out from the competition?
    • What are your goals and how will hiring hourly employees achieve them?

    Be transparent about job requirements

    The next part to focus on would be the job requirements. Being transparent here is of utmost importance as it helps you attract the right candidate for the role, hence preventing misfits. 

    Do not mix this up with what you expect from employees or formal educational qualifications and titles. Job requirements are solely the requirements that make a person eligible to apply for the job - for instance, do you require someone who has experience in the same field?

    Be specific about the experience level you are seeking for. Turn towards sentences such as “at least 2 years experience as a waiter/waitress”, or “2 or more years of experience in package delivery with a valid driver’s license and an acceptable motor vehicle record per our specific standards”.

    If your company has very specific hiring standards, you will have to be transparent about this and add these qualification requirements here. Despite narrowing the pool of job candidates, you will save time without having to look through job applications that do not meet the cut. The last thing you'll want to face is wasting an hour of your time interviewing a candidate that do not meet the minimum requirements.

    Remember to include the working hours here as well. Indicate here if job seekers would have a choice to pick their own schedule or it will be allocated, and if the job is a full-time or a part-time role.

    List the preferred formal qualifications

    Most applicants would have some sort of formal qualification, be it college or industry certification. It is not always necessary to list formal education as a requirement, but it will be an added bonus if the job position that you are trying to fill requires some of the skills and knowledge that comes with a formal education.

    Keep this section short. You will want to emphasize that these formal qualifications are not essential but is a bonus. This way, you will be able to tap into the diverse workforce and increase your chances of hiring people with both the experience and qualifications

    Let them know about your expectations

    There is no better way to attract the right hires by being upfront about your expectations. You would not want to sit through the entire process of interviewing and on-boarding an applicant only to have them quit on the first day if they found out that this wasn’t what they signed up for.

    As a hiring manager, it is vital to know everything related to the job position you are hiring for. You should include the daily obligations, who are job applicants reporting to and how they would be communicated with across and within team functions. You can also elaborate on the kind of company culture that you build here. 

    Being upfront with your expectations helps candidates determine whether they can deliver what is expected of them. 

    Reasons for applying to your company

    A job posting conveys two messages, what you expect from job candidates and what job candidates can expect from you. Provide them with the reason as to why they should apply for a job with your company instead of another company.

    You can lean towards sharing the working conditions that you provide and how you comply with the different workplace safety, health and welfare regulations. If the potential candidate is able to have a chance to work with an experience team, do share in this section on how you can provide them with professional growth and development with the help of a mentor. You may also share your company's reward system or benefits package that help incentivize potential employees.

    Providing benefits to your hourly workers sends a message that your company cares about their well-being and appreciates the work that each employee puts in. This can be a differentiating factor that helps you attract the best candidates. For example, McDonald’s McDPerks programme offers corporate discounts on a wide range of items such as mobile phones.

    Explain the communication process between the job candidate and the team

    Regardless of whether you are looking to hire an on-site or a remote employee, there will be a communication process involved to manage day-to-day operations. Try to limit this section to just a sentence or two, showing how the communication process is going to take place.

    It is important to establish clear guidelines here. Let the candidate know if they are expected to use any special communication software. This helps to speed up the on-boarding process of new hourly employees so that you will not have to go through these guidelines with them all over again. 

    Additionally, this also helps to send a clear message that your company values collaboration and facilitates it by providing easy-to-use communication channels for its employees.

    State the hourly pay

    The most important piece of information to every employee is the hourly pay. Even if you have the perfect job posting with tons of viewers, you risk losing their interest if you do not state the monetary compensation that they will be receiving. 

    Unlike full-time job posting that includes a year’s salary figure, an hourly employee’s pay states a figure by the hour. You can also state the period of time for which you are planning to hire the hourly employee and add either weekly or monthly remuneration for the job position.

    Leave your Contact Details

    It is encouraged to leave an email address or contact number for applicants to contact you in the event that they have further questions about the role. This also shows that your company is willing to encourage them and offer help if they need it.

    Revisit your job posting

    After your first draft of your job posting, you will have to review it and make it as concise as you can. Job seekers have a short attention-span and you do not want to be missing out on candidates just because you have a lengthy post. This is especially so in the mobile phone era where many job seekers would probably be reading your job posting on a mobile phone. A guideline would be to ensure that your job posting fits within 2 scrolls of a mobile phone.

    Another tip would be to arrange your content in a logical order. This is why many job postings start off with the benefits to entice job seekers before proceeding to the requirements of the job. 

    Lastly, you will need to ensure that your job advertisement is easy to read. Opt for bullet points when sharing benefits, requirements, and opportunities for advancement. Keep everything straight to the point and avoid being overly descriptive. It is advised to keep paragraphs to 2 sentences for easy reading.

    Make your job posting more appealing - use italics and bold

    The use of italics and bold can help you emphasize the important sections and attract attention to them. This can result in two times more applicants than a normal plain text posting. Job seekers tend to skim through job posting and only seek for information that they are interested in. 

    Writing a good job post is a form of art. It requires knowledge, experience and creativity. It is indeed no easy feat to be writing a job post, but with a good one, you will be able to attract the right job candidates to apply and help improve your business.

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