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7 Steps to evaluate and improve your hiring strategy

As a business owner, you know that hiring the right people is essential to your success. But what happens when your business needs change? Should you stick to the way you’ve always approached hiring? ...

8 QSR recruitment strategies to source top candidates

There is no shortage of specialized ways to attract and source job applicants—but all of them fall into one of two camps: inbound recruiting and outbound hiring.

Using Glassdoor to boost your employment reputation

QSR leaders are becoming increasingly interested in employer review websites to ensure their reputation is held in high regard amongst job seekers.

QSR innovation: 5 growth strategies to apply in 2022

If you’re in the quick service restaurant industry, you know that things did not look good in 2020. According to recent reports, from 2020 to 2021, the market size of the QSR industry in the U.S. drop...

Pay transparency laws and what it means for employers in the restaurant industry

Do you remember the advice you got early in your career? The one that encouraged you to never ask what the job you’re interviewing for pays? Well, that advice is slowly becoming obsolete. 

Why every QSR needs an internal hiring strategy

Hiring and training employees is one of the biggest challenges facing VPs of operations for QSR brands. Keeping your talent pipelines full for your DMs and GMs can feel like mission impossible at time...

How Dunkin’ launched a successful objective-based hiring campaign

As vice president of operations for a quick service restaurant (QSR) brand, you wear many hats. You lead a team of district managers (DMs) and general managers (GMs) in providing exemplary guest servi...

When (and how) to give candidates feedback

Giving job candidates quality feedback is immensely valuable to the candidate and the organization. But, it’s rarely done well (if at all). 

Comparison of hourly wages across 7 companies

Companies are bound by law to offer hourly workers an hourly rate that matches either the federal minimum wage ($7.25 since 2009) or the minimum wage proposed by the state (whichever one is higher). C...

10 Overlooked (and Effective) Ways to Find Employees

Finding great restaurant employees is tough. And in today’s labor market, it’s harder than ever. Too many of us know someone who’s had to decrease their restaurant hours or close their lobby early (ke...

How to Out-Hire the Gig Economy

Hiring hourly employees has become harder with the rise of the gig economy. More and more, people are choosing to work independently instead of the traditional jobs they would find downtown at their l...

5 Ways to Be Competitive When You Can't Afford High-End Employee Perks

When you sit down with a candidate and they ask about company perks, you may be hesitant to answer. You may not (yet) be in a position to offer year-end bonuses, discounts on trips, and pool tables in...