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How Amazon Plans to Transform The Grocery Industry

  • By: Zakiyah Hanani
  • On Dec 14, 2020 7:13:00 AM
39 min read

How Amazon Plans to Transform The Grocery Industry

Amazon may have started off their journey in the online space, but recently, they have been expanding their presence in the brick-and-mortar scene as well. Just last February, the tech giant launched ...

How to Engage Manufacturing Workers and Boost Team Culture

Many business owners take their hourly workers for granted, ignoring their needs due to a common notion that they can always be replaced. They focus on engaging their salaried employees, as they usual...

COVID Communications Tips For Assisted Living Facilities

The spread of the coronavirus has undoubtedly created a sense of panic amongst the general population. Such an unprecedented occurrence has given way to anxiety, as people are scrambling to find ways ...

3 Ways Senior Living Groups are Changing How They Hire

I recently wrote an article for Senior Living News, discussing the hiring issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, and how these have impacted even senior living communities across the country. ...

How Event Organizers can Adapt during the Pandemic

Many businesses around the globe have been hit hard by the current crisis, particularly those that are heavily dependent on the physical presence of their customers. The restaurant industry has suffer...

5 Steps to Build Your Convenience Store Brand

Finding good employees is tough - which is why when one finally joins your team after a tedious process of interviewing, onboarding and training, we want them to stay with the company for a long time....

Mitigating the impact of coronavirus on manufacturing

It’s official - we’ve reached a new low. According to the International Monetary Fund, today’s global economy has seen its sharpest reversal since the Great Depression. In March 2020, the American eco...

How to Write a Job Offer for Manufacturing Hourly Workers

It's always a fulfilling experience to make someone's day, and that's what it feels like when you give someone the opportunity to work and earn a steady paycheck. In 2019, there were as many as 15 mil...

5 Ways to Improve Engagement of Gas Station Hourly Employees

Keeping gas station hourly workers engaged and fulfilled is harder than engaging salaried ones, mainly because the nature of their employment makes it more difficult to create strong relationships wit...

Acts of Kindness from Restaurants Around the World

As of March 16 2020 at 8.27 PM ET, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the world has hit 6,500. In the US, states like New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey will be banning gatherings of over 50 ...

4 Factors for High Turnover Rate in Assisted Living

When people think of industries with high turnover rates, they often assume that establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores have the hardest time holding onto employees - but t...

Video: Sports Basement Hiring Process

There are roughly 550,000 sporting goods and hobby store employees at any given time, and that's just the tip of the retail industry iceberg. Approximately 3.5 million stores are in operation across t...