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Easy social media content strategies for your restaurant

  • By: Workstream
  • On Aug 31, 2022 7:00:00 AM
32 min read

Easy social media content strategies for your restaurant

As of 2022, most people spend up to 147 minutes per day on social media. Among those competing for everyone’s 2+ hours of likes, views, and follows are restaurants. And it’s an effective strategy for ...

Social media recruiting: Why your employees should help

Cell phone and social media use at work have historically been a big no-no for the hourly workforce. But what if we told you that encouraging employees to post about their jobs can be an almost effort...

Actively source applicants with modern 'now hiring' signs

The U.S. continues to face an unprecedented talent shortage. In fact, recent statistics show that on a global scale, 3 in 4 employers report difficulty finding the talent they need. Experts say the ta...

How Disney, Chick-fil-A, and more attract applicants on social media

Social media has become a popular channel for sourcing hourly workers. But it takes more than standing up an account and publishing a “now hiring” post to attract applicants. Businesses across a varie...

Intro to social media for QSRs

Today’s hourly workforce lives online. They share their lives, connect with their communities, and most importantly, search for information on social media. In fact, 79% of job seekers use social medi...

8 creative tips to make your job posting stand out

When hiring on digital platforms, you’re often competing with thousands of other job postings. Some opportunities may boast a more recognizable company name or more attractive pay. How, then, can you ...

TikTok hiring: How to improve your hiring strategy

In today’s world of technology, the ubiquity of social media may seem like it has been there forever. But did you know that the first recognizable social media platform was only created in 1997? Even ...

How to use Facebook job postings to hire hourly workers

When it comes to looking for hourly workers, hiring managers often fall back on the traditional methods: newspapers, flyers, job portals. These aren't necessarily the best places to get in front of qu...