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    Top Features Hiring Champions Can’t Live Without In 2020

    As of May 19 2020, 4 states remain on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, 10 have been categorized as states that are experiencing “regional reopening,” and the rest are either reopening soon or are already in the process of slowly reopening. After being closed for so long, businesses are scurrying to get everything ready to open their doors to customers once again. And one of THE biggest challenges is to hire the best talent.

    jobless data

    The total number of unemployment claims filed in the last two months have exceeded 36 million. This would mean that the size of the talent pool from which businesses will be hiring from is huge. To that end, HR managers will need to have the right hiring tools at their disposal, with features that facilitate and streamline the process. Especially in times when businesses in the country are preparing to reopen and hire from an incredibly large talent pool, hiring solutions used need to be very fast and efficient to capture the best talent. With that in mind, what are some of the best features to look out for when searching for the right apps or platforms to use?


    1. Ability to Cast a Wide Net

    You’ll want to look out for hiring software that allows you to reach out to as many people as possible. We constantly hear from our potential customers that they manually post  job openings to each and every job board out there, all while using an Excel sheet to keep track of this process and the number of people who’ve applied. This process is not only time-consuming, it can be very confusing and tedious to keep track of every single applicant. Workstream’s hiring platform is integrated with 24 different job boards. With a click of a button, you post your job opening to all the free job boards integrated with our platform, making Workstream the ultimate applicant sourcing tool. This helps hiring managers save a ton of time - hours that can be well-spent on other day-to-day tasks.

    workstream statistics

    2. Organized Dashboard

    Once you’ve cast your net into the pool of eager applicants, you’ll need tools to help you organize the large volume of applications you receive. Given the varied amounts and types of information you need to be able to quickly retrieve, Excel sheets simply won’t cut it. As a hiring manager, you need to be able to know these ASAP:

    • How many positions have I posted and for which locations?
    • How many people have applied for jobs I posted?
    • How many people are at which stage of the hiring process?
    • How many hires have we made so far and at which locations?

    Many of our clients have mentioned this concern to us in the past, and we created a dashboard to suit their needs. As you can see below, Workstream’s central dashboard provides easy access to the important numbers and statistics you need to track hiring progress.

    workstream dashboard

    3. Automation

    If you’ve not caught on by now, the keyword here is “quick.” The hiring tool you should utilize must be quick in its sourcing and quick in providing you with necessary information. What else?

    Automated Text Messaging - Reminders and Replies

    Candidates not showing up for interviews is one of the biggest problems businesses face when hiring new talent. Time is wasted as hiring managers communicate back and forth with the interview candidates to arrange interview schedules. Even more time is lost when the HR team spends time waiting for the applicant, only for them to not show up.

    To combat this issue, we created an automated text messaging function where Workstream users can customize an automated text message to be sent out to remind candidates about their interviews. Hollenback Palms and Dream Dinners managed to reduce their no-show rates by 66% and 67% respectively.

    Automated Progression Across Hiring Stages

    Workstream users can customize their hiring stages to include screening questions which automatically filter out any applicant who does not meet the criteria. For example, if you are hiring for kitchen staff with experience and you include a question that asks for that, someone who answers the question with a ‘no’ will automatically be rejected for the job. The candidate will even receive an automatic message explaining why he or she was rejected. This can greatly improve the candidate experience.

    4. Rounding Up

    Before all businesses across the states receive the green light to start reopening, you need to be ready with the ultimate HR solution that not only organizes but streamlines your hiring process. With millions of potential employees out there, the only way to stand out is by moving quickly to acquire the best talent for your business. Workstream’s end-to-end hiring software enables you to customize, automate, and organize your hiring process in a way that suits your specific needs. Many customers have achieved hiring success with us and we would love to help you achieve those same results. Schedule a chat with us today!

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    Nigel Seah

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