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    Restaurant Hiring | 1 min read

    Hiring Secrets: How Wingstop Transformed Recruitment with Workstream

    Hiring quality applicants fast has always been a challenge for many QSRs like Wingstop. Watch as Tony Lam, franchise owner of Wingstop, and Theresa Banegas, General Manager at Wingstop, shares how Workstream helped them save time in their hiring process.

    Wingstop is in the business of selling chicken wings and fries. My name is Tony Lam, and I am the owner of five Wingstops in the Bay Area. We had a really difficult time in finding quality employees. The process was long, it was cumbersome. Luckily for a tool like Workstream, to be able to help automate that whole process has been a godsend.  

    Workstream has given me many hours back because I'm able to quickly scroll through the candidates. I can go through a list of like, 15 or 20 candidates within 15 minutes and sometimes, I'm actually able to set up that interview in less than 24 hours. And so, whenever I lose an employee, I'm able to bring up Workstream, select my candidates, do an interview, and be able to have a person fill in that shift within 24 hours. Any companies out there that's looking for a way to hire people, high quality candidates quickly, I would definitely recommend it.

    My name is Theresa Banegas, and I'm the General Manager here at Wingstop. Workstream has given me a lot of extra time so I find it very useful and more enjoyable when I am doing the hiring process. Then I'm able to see all the applicants information, have pre-questions so that I don't have to ask questions. I'm able to have applicants there on my phone. It's more convenient for me because I don't have to be on my laptop. So I feel like its more beneficial for us and our company so that way we can get people who have better availabilities, people who want to work, and less stress for us. 

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    Lauren Van Blargen

    Lauren is the Brand Marketing Manager at Workstream, operating both in the office behind a computer and out in the field behind a camera. Outside of Workstream, she is a freelance videographer and editor.

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