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    People management | 3 min read

    Show your staff some love with 5 easy Valentine's Day ideas

    Deskless jobs can often feel thankless. Good managers, however, try to find special ways to celebrate their team, recognize hard work, and keep them engaged in their jobs. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show your staff some appreciation, and it's not too late to spread the love. 

    Here are five last-minute ideas you can steal to show appreciation for your workers this Valentine’s. 

    1. Valentine's Day cards never go out of style 

    What's more nostalgic than an elementary-school-style Valentine's Day card? They're a small but thoughtful way to show your team you're thinking about them. You can create your own custom designs, write a personalized message for each worker, or snag some pre-made ones from the store. Or better yet, just use ours!

    We created a handful of fun cards you can download and print, email, or text to your team in just a few clicks. Save individual images by clicking on them, or download all seven as a zip file! 

    Download the whole set


    2. Food is the way to everyone's heart, right? 

    Whether it's scooping up some donuts on the way into work, or catering sandwiches for lunch, surprising your team with a tasty treat is a sure-fire way to show them you care. Your team is sure to enjoy the opportunity to gather around some food and socialize with their coworkers, even if it's just for a quick bite. 

    If you're feeling extra sweet, pair a food treat with the Valentine's cards above! 

    3. Get everyone excited with a raffle  

    Raffles can be as expensive (or inexpensive) as you want. And the anticipation of winning can carry your team's excitement all day. Pick up raffle tickets from your local party supply store, or let employees pick a number out of a cup and use an online random number generator to do the picking for you. 

    Prizes can range from the latest gadget to fun company swag hiding in the back office. Other low-cost, last minute prize ideas to consider: VIP parking spot for a month, a paid day off, an exclusive employee discount on your product or service, or even a free product or service (whether it be a food item, spa service, 1-night hotel stay, or whatever your business does). 

    4. Give your employees the power 

    Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. Give your team to power to control something about their work day (within reason of course). Depending on your business, this could be as simple as controlling the music, picking the special of the day, decorating your location for the holiday, or posting to the company social media account. 

    5. Appreciation isn't only top-down

    Inspire your team to show appreciation for one another too! Encourage your team to bring valentines to work for their coworkers, or put up a poster board in the backroom where employees can write what they appreciate about other team members. Helping your team bond increases loyalty and ultimately decreases turnover—a win-win! 

    Spread the love this Valentine's Day

    Showing some appreciation to your employees goes a long way and can be done in the simplest of ways. Take this Valentine's Day to remind your team that you care and that you're grateful for their hard work. It'll definitely make their day ❤️


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