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    Comparison of Hourly Wages Across 7 Companies

    Job searches are quite different for people searching for jobs that pay hourly wages. Unlike people who look for jobs that offer a steady salary at the end of each month, the amount of money an hourly worker earns depends on the number of hours he/she puts in every week and the rate which they get for an hour of work.

    Companies are bound by law to offer hourly workers an hourly rate that matches either the federal minimum wage ($7.25 since 2009) or the minimum wage proposed by the state (whichever one is higher). In order to help you find the best options for employment, we have composed a list of companies that hire hourly workers. We are also going to tell you a bit about the company, the skills they require from their workers and so on.

    1. Whole Foods 

    This company merged with Amazon back in 2017 and has consistently been stable and offered great working conditions to their hourly workers. Ever since their inception in 1988, this company has found its place on the "100 Best Companies to Work For" composed by Fortune Magazine. 

    Let's mention a few perks that Whole Foods offers their employees. As their employee you get a 401 (k) pension plan, the freedom to wear casual dress, 20% off on any store purchases you make and stock purchase plan. Their minimum hourly wage is $10.94

    2. Walmart 

    When it comes to revenue, Walmart is the largest company in the world. They really focused on improving the working conditions for their hourly workers in 2018 since they introduced a one time $1000 bonus for their US employees. They also expanded their parental and maternity leave policy to offer better conditions to employees that want to have kids. 

    The perks they offer include the standard 401 (k) pension plan, a 10% store discount as well as an employee Christmas discount. Their minimum hourly wage is $11

    3. IKEA 

    Everyone knows about this Swedish furniture retailer. Since 2008, they have established themselves as the most prominent furniture retailer in the world. They offer a variety of positions with hourly pay and opportunities for advancement.

    The benefits IKEA employees get include a 401 (k), decent medical insurance for employees that put in more than 20 work hour per week, training programs, worldwide product discounts and more. The minimum starting wage is $10.20 per hour.

    4. Costco 

    When looking for a job based on hourly wages, you want to go for a company that doesn't view its employees as assets that come and go. Craig Jelinek, Costco's President and CEO, claims that this kind of philosophy is what helps Costco keep their overhead costs low. 

    The perks Costco offers their employees include paid holidays, vacations, sick leave and 401 (k) pension plan and healthcare reimbursement. Their minimum hourly wage since June 2018 stands at a whopping $14

    5. Ben & Jerry's 

    The company that is famous for its ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet products is also one of the best companies for hourly workers. They recalculate their livable wage every year in order to keep their employees well situated and, through this, productive and loyal.

    They offer perks that include paid family leave, health club membership and probably one of the sweetest perks around, three pints of ice cream on a daily basis. The minimum wage offered by Ben and Jerry's has been an astonishing $15.96 since 2015. 

    6. FedEx Express 

    This courier delivery service is famous around the world. They also have a great relationship with their employees demonstrated by various social media campaigns fueled by experiences of their employees. 

    When working for FedEx you will have access to 5 weeks of vacation, 2 personal days and 2 floating holidays. Their minimum hourly wage depends on the position you apply for and ranges between $8.13 and $15

    7. Target 

    This department store retailer is the second biggest retail brand in the US right behind Walmart. They are a part of the S&P 500 index which is an index that includes the top 500 companies in the USA that have their common stocks listed. 

    Employees who worked at Target claim that the work isn't too demanding and thattheir perks are decent. Target offers a 401 (k) pension plan. The vacation time starts at 3 weeks but it can rise all the way to 7 weeks. Target's minimum wage starts at $12 per hour but they plan to raise it to $15 by the end of 2020. 

    These are some of the prominent companies that employ hourly workers. As you can see they offer some similar perks but the range of their hourly rate can be very different. Still, you should see what former and current employees have to say about their workload, their consistency in payment and the overall difficulty of a position before you decide where to apply. 

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