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    Checklist for Employee Orientation

    Employee orientation is the foundation of the on-boarding process that will help your new employees learn more about the company, their job responsibilities, and co-workers. It is important that you give your new employees a warm welcome on their first day at work and formally introduce them to your organization’s culture, mission, vision, and values. 

    Here are some best practices to achieve an effective employee orientation:


    1. Greet employees at reception with a smile 😊
    2. New Hire Paperwork. Help your new employee to review and sign all the HR administrative paperwork. These forms include:  W-4 , W-9, Direct Deposit Form, Direct Deposit Form, and Form 8850. If you're unsure what each form is for, you can learn more here. You can also ensure employees fill out this paperwork by uploading them to Workstream - the employees will receive text reminders until they sign the paperwork via their text link. 
    3. Introduce your new employees to co-workers. This is incredibly important to ensure employees will work well together. Use an icebreaker game if your onboarding multiple people the week - for example you can have each person share a fun fact about themselves.
    4. Accompany employees to their work stations. Make sure they feel comfortable and check that all equipment is in it proper working condition.
    5. Quick Department Tour. Show out the common areas such as the lunchroom, bathrooms, employee parking, etc.


    1. Business fundamentals. Introduce the company mission, vision, values and leadership. Inspire, motivate and make your new employee’s feel welcome.
    2. Employee handbook. Typically encloses all the company's rules and regulations, company culture etc.
    3. Explain and review of safety, security, health, and any other key policies of your company. Even if this is covered in the handbook, you should review these policies. Don't assume people will read the handbook in detail.
    4. Define job responsibilities. What is their core function? How is their work being reviewed? Set expectations from day 1 and give them an opportunity to ask questions. 
    5. Physical tour of the workplace. Guide them through nearby workstations and facilities, so they know where they are allowed to go and what areas to avoid. 
    6. Introduction to benefits plans and perks. Employees love to hear about this - share some of the perks about working at your company. Do you have bonuses if they hit milestones, such as one year? Also what are their options for medical insurance, paid sick leave, annual leave? Explain when they can expect a raise - how many months or years into their work. 
    7. Training and mentoring. Schedule a training session with your new employee to teach them the ropes. Pair a senior employee with a new employee to develop a mentor-mentee relationship. Mentorship is a great way to reduce churn.
    8. Get Feedback. Ask your employees to ask questions once they've completed the process. And ask them again a few days later - remember that orientation is a bit overwhelming and they need time to process all this new information!


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