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Hire QSR employees faster with texting and automation tools

The competition for hourly workers is stiff. Each pause in the application process increases the chance that a quality candidate will get an interview or an offer from your competitor. And the employe...

7 Steps to evaluate and improve your hiring strategy

As a business owner, you know that hiring the right people is essential to your success. But what happens when your business needs change? Should you stick to the way you’ve always approached hiring? ...

Using Glassdoor to boost your employment reputation

QSR leaders are becoming increasingly interested in employer review websites to ensure their reputation is held in high regard amongst job seekers.

11 Tips for writing a job post that grabs attention

The fast food industry is currently experiencing a turnover rate of about 144%. When hiring a replacement, companies need to incur turnover costs, including costs of hiring, on-boarding, lower product...