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Instagram job posting: How to use Instagram to hire

Instagram job posting: How to use Instagram to hire

Instagram, a social networking app primarily designed for users to share photos and videos, has seen tremendous adoption since its inception. As the app’s feature set grows—with the introduction of things like Instagram Stories, which are time-based stories resembling that of Snapchat, and video channels known as IGTV, which functions similarly to Youtube—its user base also continues to grow. In 2021, they saw a 3.7% increase to 170 million users in the U.S. alone. 

Instagram is not only for personal use. Businesses around the world also use the platform to connect with their customers and prospects. Businesses posting high-quality content have the ability to reach such a wide audience if their content is captivating and this audience includes job seekers.

Wondering how to hire on Instagram? Let’s dive in.

Instagram job posting tips

Instagram has always been known for its aesthetically pleasing feed. Users are accustomed to eye-catching visual content (with fewer words) to convey a message. So, be extra innovative with the visuals you use when you craft your Instagram job posting in order to attract the right candidates. Below are some tips on how you can do that.

Tip #1: Use creative content consistent with your brand image


Tip #2: Use striking colors and designs


Tip #3: Use simple graphics to convey your message 

Infographics hiring

Tip #4: Remove clutter by opting for minimalism

Hiring Ad

2. Use tools

Instagram offers many tools that help boost the visibility of your Instagram job posting.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a good way to approach on-demand and urgent hiring needs while incorporating your brand voice. Posting multiple times a day on Instagram Stories has fewer repercussions than posting several times to your feed. This is because excessive posting to your Instagram feed is considered spamming your viewers. Additionally, Instagram Stories increase the organic visibility of your brand (more so than posting to your feed). Instagram Stories reduce inertia for viewers since it automatically plays the next video without viewers having to manually scroll through it. Typically, once a user starts watching the stories, the video plays continuously one after another until they are caught up with all of the updates for the day.

Need another “pro” for posting an Instagram Story ? You don’t need elaborate artwork. Even if your content is longer and wordier, viewers will still read through it… or listen to it.

Instagram Story

Poll your community

The poll function engages users by allowing them to weigh in on a topic. This also serves as a useful tool for businesses to engage with their followers' networks.

Take a look at the example below. By asking their viewers if they can recommend an eligible person for the job, the employer can tap into their community for candidates. This works especially well if you need to hire urgently since people can respond to the job ads in real time.

Photographer Hiring

Link back to your feed

Instagram allows you to quickly create Instagram Stories based on an existing post on your newsfeed. This means that you can increase the visibility of your Instagram job posting. It also allows your followers to get more information with a simple tap, redirecting them back to the main post to learn more about your open role.

T2 Apply hiring

Add important information to your Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are evidently amazing, but there is one shortcoming: your content only stays for 24 hours. But don’t worry. With Instagram Highlights, you can permanently save your stories to your profile so your followers can view them later. This is especially useful for essential information that your potential future hires might want to know before applying for jobs at your company (ie. the culture of your company).

3. Keep text short

Since Instagram focuses more on visuals and less on writing, companies should keep their captions short and informative.

Tip #1: Use bullets or short paragraphs

No one enjoys reading long, lengthy content on what your company has to offer. Get straight to the point and use bullets to convey the job responsibilities. If bullets aren't appropriate in your context, try separating the paragraphs with a divider, so it looks more organized and is easier to read.

instagram caption hiring

Tip #2: Use hashtags

Hashtags are extremely useful to help track your now hiring Instagram post. You can use hashtags on both the feed and Instagram Stories.

With the hashtag following functions, people who are interested in a topic can follow the specific hashtag to see more content from various users related to the topic of interest. In this case, hourly job-seeking applicants on Instagram may be following hashtags like #hiring, #jobsearch, and #jobhiring. By using hashtags, you can reach out to a wider range of potential applicants who are beyond your current following.

Tip #3: Show off your brand personality

People love brands that are fun and interactive. Show your viewers what kind of company culture they can expect upon applying for the job to get them interested. You can even use emojis to lighten the mood and appear more lively.


4. Include a call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons can be placed on the company's profile page under the "contact" function or even in the caption. The "contact" function is useful for interested job applicants because they can easily apply for the job without leaving Instagram. Most CTAs involve candidates sending resumes through your applicant tracking system or dropping a direct message to express interest. 

One of the more interesting CTAs is the ability to tag people. Since Instagram is primarily a social networking platform, information can be shared by friends simply tagging each other. This increases the post's visibility and helps you expand your reach further than your primary connections.

instagram caption hiring

5. Run paid ads

Another way to hire workers through Instagram is to run paid ads on the platform. With Instagram Stories' high visibility, companies can use Instagram Story ads to reach out and engage their target market better. These ads are effective because they show up between other users' stories while keeping the format of a story so that the user experience is uninterrupted. This also allows for full-screen advertisements without the clutter of other content, and hence, is more able to hold the user's entire active focus.

If your company has 10,000 followers or is a verified account, you will be able to include the swipe-up function and attach a link to the story. With this function, viewers can easily submit their job applications without physically leaving Instagram.

6. Involve your current employees

Who is better suited to endorse your company than your own employees? Having third-party endorsements often adds credibility to your organization, which helps widen your pool of candidates even further. Since birds of the same feathers flock together, chances are that your employees will attract like-minded individuals who are also a great fit for your company!

But how do you get your employees involved? Well, an indirect way is to place your social media links in various areas in the workplace as some of them may not even know about your Instagram presence. Alternatively, you can always encourage them to post about your recruitment events or reward them for talking about their job on social media.

Case study: Starbucks

Starbucks’ careers page on Instagram is a great example of how to bring this all together. Each post is highly representative of its brand. The text is concise and ends with a call-to-action that directs applicants to their hiring site to apply for the position. They were also creative with their visuals by using plays on words to catch their audience’s attention. One thing to note is the abundance of employee portraits on their profile. This gives prospective hires a sneak peek at how their jobs could be if they were to work in the famed coffeehouse. 

Starbucks also used the Story Highlights feature to park important information, such as their company benefits, to make it easily accessible for interested individuals.

All in all, with the rising usage of Instagram among the working class, the platform serves as an opportunity for businesses to tap into a wider pool of applicants and attract like-minded individuals for their hourly job roles. As Instagram continues to evolve, users are becoming more open to business messages and would give it an extra look. So, what are you waiting for?

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