"Workstream is a one stop shop. It takes me 1/3 of the time to post and I get 40% more qualified applicants. I love how easy communication is with candidates via SMS."

Jorge Barragan, HR Manager at Hollenbeck Palms


Hollenbeck Palms

Originally the residence of John and Elizabeth Hollenbeck, Hollenbeck Palms sits on a sprawling, 8-acre property overlooking downtown Los Angeles. The estate was gifted in 1890 and began its century-long journey as “Hollenbeck Home,” and has since evolved into one of Los Angeles’ premiere Continuing Care Retirement Communities. It offers assisted living, different programs such as memory enhancement care, and so much more. 

They collaborated with Workstream to drastically cut down time to hire and get 40% more qualified candidates. How did they do it?


Time-consuming Process and Applicant No-Shows

As part of a niche industry, Hollenbeck needed to hire for and fill roles with specialized qualifications. However, they had a hard time efficiently doing so. Jorge Barragan, HR Manager at Hollenbeck, shares that, “Posting jobs used to require keeping track of 10 logins and passwords.” Screening applications took up a lot of hours as well.

In addition to being time-consuming, their recruiting process didn’t lend itself well to easy communication with applicants - leading to no-shows and missed opportunities.


Ease of Use and Automatic Messaging

After pinpointing specific hiring challenges, the Workstream team offered the corresponding solutions to address them:

workstream hollenbeck palms dashboard

Hollenbeck was able to source and screen more qualified prospects by utilizing customized application forms. 

Hollenbeck Palms Hiring Applicants


Productive Hiring and Simplified Recruitment

“The number one reason why we chose Workstream was for its ease of use and intuitiveness,” according to Jorge, and the results are ample testimony to the efficacy of the platform’s features.

  • 40% more qualified candidates
  • Saved two-thirds of the time originally spent screening, posting, and hiring
  • 66% decrease in applicant no-shows

hollenbeck palms applicant data

In a nutshell: Hollenbeck was able to improve their recruitment process across the board and boosted their hiring statistics by capitalizing on Workstream’s all-in-one automated hiring system. 

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