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"Ever since Workstream made all the tedious tasks of on-boarding and paperwork so much easier, I have much more time to myself!"

Jason Olson, Owner of Pleasant Hill Grove Grocery Outlet


Grocery Outlet (Pleasant Hill)

Grocery Outlet focuses on delivering a variety of brands at competitive pricing to its customers. The first store was founded by Jim Read where he started off selling military surplus at deep discount prices. To date, Grocery Outlet has over 300 stores across the nation with more than 1.5 million shoppers every week. This made them the nation's largest extreme value retailer.

The Grocery Outlet at Pleasant Hill is managed by Jason and Kathy Olson. 95% of the time, both are heavily involved in the hiring and screening processes. They found that with Workstream, they were able to attract more, better quality candidates and save many hours every week. Let’s find out how they did it.


Jason and Kathy Olson shared about their hiring challenges and how Workstream made their hiring more efficient and streamlined.


Inefficient Hiring Process and  Time Wastage

When it comes to hiring processes, Jason and Kathy found it challenging to attract the right talents suited for the job. They used to do individual postings across multiple platforms such as Facebook, and also welcomed walk-ins who would apply. This style of recruitment took a lot of time to produce results. And very often, they would have to allocate extra time to train new employees to be ready for the job. This led to an even greater wastage of time.

As a result, Pleasant Hill's Grocery Outlet started looking for alternative hiring options that could serve the same purpose, but with greater efficiency.

grocery outlet store


Automated and Streamlined Hiring Process

After listening to the pain points, Workstream introduced our platform to them and taught them to use our features to improve their hiring process:

  • Workstream enabled Grocery Outlet to push their job advertisements out to multiple job portals at the same time while giving them the ease of assessing all the information on a single platform. This helped them to streamline their hiring process.

  • With the option to provide an online onboarding process, Grocery Outlet no longer has to worry about their hourly workers not being qualified enough since they can get trained online before starting the job.

  • With each stage of communication automated, Grocery Outlet is able to spend their time more efficiently to maximize daily operations.

Grocery Outlet Workstream Dashboard


Time Saved and Increased Number of Applicants

Working with Workstream, Grocery Outlet (Pleasant Hill) managed to achieve the following results:

  • 81% increase in quality applicants.

  • They saved 15 hours weekly with the new hiring processes.

  • These contributed to a 200% increase in efficiency for Pleasant Hill's Grocery Outlet.

Grocery Outlet Workstream ATS

In summary: By automating their hiring process, Grocery Outlet was able to save on total time to hire and source more qualified applicants. Using Workstream, they were able to fill more roles in a fraction of the time. 

Workstream’s all-in-one hiring platform ensures that you can hire better, faster. Chat with us today to find out how!