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“In the past, hiring has always been an endless, tedious process. But with Workstream, hiring is now automated and so much faster.”

Laurie Zalinski, VP of Supply Chain and Distribution at Lasalle Bristol


LaSalle Bristol

Founded in 1947, LaSalle Bristol is a manufacturing and distribution company based in Elkhart, Indiana. They support the RV market and other related industries with locations around Florida and Plymouth, Indiana.

With over 70 years of industry experience, LaSalle Bristol offers quality services and products to their customers. LaSalle Bristol primarily manufactures and distributes products for factory-built housing, recreational RV, commercial, and other related markets across the United States and Canada. LaSalle Bristol has over 14 facilities located strategically across America that are within close proximity to its customers.

LaSalle Bristol was able to fill roles for their multiple facilities faster, and get 80% more applicants - with the help of Workstream. How did they do it?

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Lack of Applicants and Organized ATS

Having multiple facilities at various locations meant that more effort had to be placed into hiring, especially for their warehouse positions. Since LaSalle Bristol is widely known in their industry, having been founded way back in the 1900s, they had no problem attracting applicants. However, a problem that they frequently faced was the lack of qualified applicants - those that could carry out the job requirements with minimum training.

Additionally, their influx of applicants came from multiple job portals. Using outdated methods, it was difficult for them to keep track of individual candidates and respond to each swiftly. Hence, LaSalle Bristol started looking for an all-in-one applicant-tracking-system (ATS) that could help them conduct hiring at a fast and efficient pace.


Multiple Job Board Integration and Customizable Hiring Process

  • Workstream has helped create a more streamlined HR process for LaSalle Bristol. This was done by integrating applications from multiple job boards to a single dashboard for easier access and tracking of each applicant’s status.
  • Integration to multiple job boards also allowed them to reach out to a larger pool of applicants.
  • LaSalle Bristol made use of the text-to-apply feature, leveraging it for the ease and convenience of hiring through mobile phones for both applicants and employers. Messages can also be automated so as to reduce the lag time in replies.
  • With the smart screening function, LaSalle Bristol was able to quickly filter qualified applicants by setting customized quizzes and tests - saving them time that could be better spent on other tasks.

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Increased Number of Applicants and Hassle-free Onboarding

LaSalle Bristol was able to achieve these results after they started utilizing Workstream’s end-to-end hiring platform:

  • Received an 80% increase in the number of applicants.
  • Managed to quickly onboard new employees across all 14 locations.

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To sum it up: LaSalle Bristol found the convenient and effective hiring platform they were looking for in Workstream. With its intuitive features and all-in-one hiring dashboard, they were able to automate their hiring process and make it more efficient, to match the speed by which the company itself was growing. 

Is your antiquated hiring process slowing you down? Are you encountering problems with sourcing and tracking your prospects? Let Workstream help you - contact us today.