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“With increased engagement with the millennials, we are able to forge a strong relationship with them, ensuring our brand remains positive and relevant.”

Annie Auernig, Founder of Sodalicious



Founded in 2014, Sodalicious is rapidly growing in the greater Utah region, and expanding into Denver, Phoenix, and Idaho. The Sodalicious brand is built on their great customer service and a lineup of creative soda offerings and flavor combinations, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

They collaborated with Workstream to increase their applicant count by a whopping 200%! How did they do it?

sodalicious restaurant


Disengaged Applicants Due to Slow Response Times

Sodalicious has an interesting hiring challenge in that their target customer demographic is also the same as their employee pool: the millennials. Job applicants for Sodalicious were disengaged as they were not getting quick enough responses for their work application. At the same time, the HR team at Sodalicious was spending too much time trying to screen and talk to applicants.

Sodalicious needed a comprehensive dashboard, to enable them to be more responsive to their job applicants and keep them engaged.

Sodalicious menu and employee


Automated Text Messages and Customizable Hiring Processes

As Sodalicious grows, Workstream grows with them, developing new features to provide a one-stop HR tool to centralize all their hiring activities. 

sodalicious workstream dashboard


Streamlined and More Efficient Hiring Process

Sodalicious was able to save time and money, and efficiently grow its business to expand to different locations. And the results are in:

  • They managed to hire an additional 700 qualified employees across 30 locations after using Workstream.

  • They experienced a 200% increase in applicant flow.

sodalicious hiring applicant tracking

In short: With Workstream, the Sodalicious HR team was able to cut the time they spent screening and communicating with job applicants in half. They did so by leveraging the automated and instant SMS messaging, quizzes, and workflows in Workstream. They were able to become more responsive to their candidates, enabling Sodalicious to hire the right people faster.

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