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"Workstream improved end to end visibility throughout the entire hiring process. From coordinating schedules across different applicants to keeping track of the different application materials and stages for each applicant, Workstream has changed the way we hire for the better."

Omar Singh, President at Surge Transportation


Surge Transportation

Surge Transportation is a third-party logistics provider that focuses on domestic freight transportation services. Surge Transportation is a critical part of the supply chain for shippers who have to deal with fluctuations in demand and shipping needs. The company aims to provide best in class service characterized by quick response times and intuitive solutions to crises, requiring an experienced and well trained operations team. 

Given the demanding nature of their work, Surge Transportation needed to fill multiple roles and hire a high volume of workers. With Workstream, they saved hours spent on hiring and were able to source more qualified applicants.

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Manual Job Posting and Unqualified Prospects

Surge Transportation used to post openings to all job boards individually and directly. This caused a lot of time to be wasted on a mundane task - 30 hours to be exact, just to post different job openings to multiple job boards. Meanwhile, the quality of the candidates who applied was also less than ideal.


Job Board Integration and Customizable Hiring Stages

Surge Transportation worked closely with Workstream to pinpoint the growing pains they needed to address, and what steps they needed to take to overcome these.

Surge Transportation Workstream Dashboard

  • Workstream’s built-in job board integration with 24 job boards allowed Surge Transportation to cast a wider net and reach out to a larger pool of potential candidates.
  • Workstream’s highly customizable hiring stages meant that Surge Transportation could filter candidates based on specific requirements and whoever can match what the roles entailed. The end result was that only the best-suited prospects made it to the final stage of hiring.
  • Surge Transportation was able to keep track of all the candidates’ information and where they were in the recruitment process at any given time, thanks to the comprehensive dashboard and applicant tracking system.

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Shorter Hiring Times and Better Quality Candidates

Over the next few weeks, Surge Transportation noted significant improvements:

  • Saved up to 50 hours normally spent on hiring.
  • Hired at least 51 more qualified candidates than usual.
  • Greater organization and oversight of the entire hiring process

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To wrap it up: Surge Transportation’s hiring process is now less labor-intensive and more cost-efficient, saving many hours that’s better spent accomplishing other tasks. 

Have you been encountering roadblocks on your hiring journey? Workstream’s all-in-one hiring platform could be the answer your company has been looking for - contact us today.